Sunday, 17 May 2015


Quotation of the day: David Baddiel (?) ~ Conspiracy theories are how idiots get to feel like intellectuals

Let's talk about ink.

I only have one very small tattoo on my body -- a treble clef 'way up at the top of my left arm, where hardly anyone ever sees it, and that's okay -- it's only important to me, it symbolizes the fact that my life would be unthinkable without music, blah, blah, who cares anyway, right?

But i'm starting to develop a theory about people who have extraordinary, extravagant and highly-visible ink on themselves.

My theory is very inchoate at this point, but it seems to me that many of those who have a lot of ink on 'em, are desperately boring people. I suppose that it depends on the designs, though. One of my best friends at work is Kate,* a truly wonderful person and she has exceptional designs all over her arms, and they -- and she -- are really lovely. I have another friend called Kyle, who has more ink on him than anyone i've ever met -- and all of it's tasteful and well done. On him, it looks good.

On the other hand, i know a few people -- not you, Tom, Carolyn, Michele, or Lisa if you should read this! -- who have really, really boring body art and they are without exception dull, dull, dull persons.

So ... the ink reflects the person? Is that my conclusion? Well, i did say it was inchoate.

Here, have my playlist and behave yourselves.

Pink Floyd -- Live At Pompeii
Renaissance -- Scheherezade And Other Stories
Renaissance -- Novella
Quintessence -- In Blissful Company
Peter Hammill -- Patience
George Harrison -- Wonderwall Music
Be+Bop Deluxe -- Modern Music
Sky -- Sky 2
Be+Bop Deluxe -- Electrical Language
Don Henley -- The End Of The Innocence
Jethro Tull -- The Minstrel In The Gallery
Bowling For Soup -- A Hangover You Don't Deserve
Elvis Costello -- Spike
Les Paul & Friends -- American Made World Played
Mike Oldfield - Tr3s Lunas
Kate Bush -- Never For Ever
Steeleye Span -- Below The Salt
Fairport Convention -- Myths And Heroes

*What is it, i wonder, with me and women named Kate / Cate? My cat's name is Cate and i named her after one of my favourite actresses, Cate Blanchett. One of my fave singers is Kate Bush. And Kate is one of my favourite people at work -- well, anywhere, really.


Anonymous said...

A lot of duplicates on this playlist and your previous one. You cheatin' R or simply playing the flip sides?

Freg said...

Neither! Just playing what i like over and over :-)