Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The KSHE Klassics Program, April 24, 2016

Quotation du jour: Nora Ephron~ That's the truest sign of insanity --insane people are always sure they're just fine.It's only the sane people who are willing to admit they're crazy.

Well, it is my favourite radio programme, after all!

The problem i have is in the fact that i have to listen online. The outfit that streams KSHE's audio (i'm not afraid to name names), www.listenlive.co, is ridiculous. They sometimes replace the local ads with other songs and this morning i heard Robert Plant's "Tall Cool One" three times! I mean, i like the song, and love Planty's music, but three times?

Dire Straits -- Skateaway
Eric Clapton -- I've Got A Rock 'n' Roll Heart
Heartsfield -- House Of Living
Stillwater -- Women (Beautiful Women)
Supertramp -- Hide In Your Shell
David Bowie -- Fame
Flash And The Pan -- Hey, St Peter
Billy Joel -- Rootbeer Rag
Stephen Stills -- Love The One You're With
Thin Lizzy -- Romeo And The Lonely Girl
Charlie -- Killer Cut
The Police -- Invisible Sun
Badfinger -- Perfection
Genesis -- Eleventh Earl Of Mar
Tony Carey -- A Fine, Fine Day
Charlie Daniels -- Long Haired Country Boy
Aliotta Haynes & Jeremiah -- Lake Shore Drive
Jackson Browne -- Boulevard
Prism -- Spaceship Superstar
Spirit -- Nothin' To Hide
Zebra -- Tell Me What You Want
The Grateful Dead -- Estimated Prophet
Roger Daltrey -- Say It Ain't So, Joe
Kansas -- Play The Game Tonight
Andy Pratt -- Avenging Annie
Climax Blues Band -- Using The Power
Bob Welch -- Ebony Eyes
Traffic -- Rock & Roll Stew
Joe Vitale -- Lady On The Rock
Aerosmith -- Big Ten Inch Record
Grand Funk Railroad -- Closer To Home / I'm Your Captain
Fleetwod Mac -- World Turning
America -- Sandman
Santana -- Everybody's Everything
Blend -- The Prize
Cream -- I'm So Glad
Mama's Pride -- Can I Call You A Cab
Robin Trower -- Sweet Wine Of Love

And here's my personal playlist, from the past coupla days...

Rory Gallagher -- Top Priority
Jethro Tull -- Catfish Rising
The Broadside Band -- English Country Dances
Renaissance -- Turn Of The Cards
The Boys Of The Lough -- To Welcome Paddy Home
Martin Carthy -- Because It's There
Ian Thomas -- Looking Back
Annie Haslam -- Annie In Wonderland
Anderson Ponty Band -- Better Late Than Never
James Taylor -- Mud Slide Slim & The Blue Horizon

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