Monday, 30 May 2016

The KSHE Klassics Program, May 29th, 2016

Quotation du jour: Ludwig Van Beethoven ~Music is mediator between spiritual and sensual life.

It was an abbreviated edition of the program this week -- two hours instead of four, as KSHE had a Memorial Day special that interfered with it. Well, Memorial Day -- God Bless America and all that, 'twould be churlish of me to grouse about the loss of some radio magic. The edition wasn't all that great, though, i must say -- very few "ow, wow, wow, whoo!" moments. Perhaps Uman (the host) resented having half of his show being cut. His heart may not have been in it.

Before i present the playlist, though, i experienced a different type of radio magic this past week.

This past Tuesday, it was announced that Gord Downie, musical genius behind the Kingston, Ontario rock band The Tragically Hip -- huge in Canada, local heroes in Kingston, little known in any other country -- had terminal brain cancer.Now, although i listen to KSHE most weekday mornings, around 6 a.m. i usually switch to the Kingston station KROCK. It's a pretty good rock station and i have (Facebook) friends
there. I was there on Tuesday. The tragic news was announced and their morning deejay, Kris, did something extraordinary. The very first song he was scheduled to play was by Ozzy Osbourne. He stopped it after about twenty seconds, and said, "i can't play this today," and from then until i left for work -- and more than likely thereafter -- he played The Tragically Hip exclusively. That was a "wow" morning, and how many radio stations -- or deejays! -- would do that. (Makes me wonder, though, what'll happen there when poor Gord actually dies?)

OK, so here's the Klassics playlist:

The Pure Prairie League -- Two Lane Highway
Elton John -- Burn Down The Mission
The Bliss Band -- Doctor
King Crimson -- The Court Of The Crimson King
Bruce Springsteen -- Prove It All Night
Michael Stanley -- Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind
Fleetwood Mac -- Heroes Are Hard To Find
Dave Mason -- Only You Know And I Know
Angel -- Rock & Rollers
Tucky Buzzard -- Gold Medallions
Frank Zappa -- Joe's Garage
REO Speedwagon -- Only The Strong Survive
Leon Russell -- Tightrope
Charlie Daniels -- Trudy
Rockpile -- Teacher Teacher
String Driven Thing -- Starving In The Tropics
Rory Gallagher -- Edged In Blue
David Bowie -- Space Oddity

And my personal playlist:

Dan Fogelberg -- Greatest Hits
Yes -- Going For The One
The Tragically Hip -- Up To Here
Rory Gallagher -- Rory Gallagher
Survivor -- Vital Signs
Sky -- Sky 2
Genesis -- Invisible Touch
Various Artists -- Knights Of The Blues Table
Steeleye Span -- Live At Last!
Chicago -- Chicago III
Yes -- Tormato
Saga -- Images At Twilight
Jethro Tull -- Heavy Horses
Steeleye Span -- Tempted And Tried
Steve Earle -- Essential Steve Earle

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