Monday, 28 November 2016

KSHE Klassics, Nov. 27th, 2016

Quotation du jour ~ John Ralston Saul: Muzak: A public noise neither requested nor listened to by individuals. It is the descendant of a school of public relations invented by the Nazis.

What a pain in the arse this computer schtuff is. Up until about an hour before the program was to begin, i had no Internet connection. Diagnostics proved it to have been a server problem, which was resolved around 8 a.m., thereby enabling to enjoy one of the highlights of my week, i.e., this program. But there were further probs. In the middle of Genesis's "A Trick Of The Tail," my default browser, Pale Moon, decided to stop playing the audio stream. The Internet connection was fine, so i tried my secondary browser, Vivaldi. Nope, no luck there, either. WTF (i said to myself). I had to listen to the rest of the program on my phone, except that -- just as the show was winding down, my Internet connection died there, too. Grr. (It's still pretty intermittent as i write this.)

Anyway, today's program was excellent as always, but John Ulett is on holiday and there was no presenter apart from the man KSHE calls "Otto Mation." I knew he was going on hols, from the ten minutes i'm able to listen to the Morning Rock Show before i have to leave for work during the week, but i thought maybe he'd pre-record it. I know he loves doing the show -- he told me when i met him.

Glass Moon -- Killer At 25
Bob Dylan -- Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Paice Ashton Lord -- Remember The Good Times
Electric Light Orchestra -- Mr Blue Sky
Wet Willie -- Keep On Smilin'
UFO -- Shoot Shoot
Badfinger -- Day After Day
Detective -- Recognition
The Dixie Dregs -- Take It Off The Top
Fleetwood Mac -- Emerald Eyes
Patti Smith -- Because The Night
Jackson Browne -- That Girl Could Sing
America -- Don't Cross The River
Dave Mason -- Only You Know And I Know
Status Quo -- Is There A Better Way
Chilliwack -- Fly At Night
The Tubes -- Sushi Girl
The Band -- The Weight
David Bowie -- Golden Years
Molly Hatchet -- Gator Country
The Doobie Brothers -- Jesus Is Just Alright
Heart -- Dreamboat Annie
Alice Cooper -- Hello Hurray
Eric Clapton -- Blues Power
Steely Dan -- Don't Take Me Alive
Marillion -- Kayleigh
Bruce Springsteen -- Cadillac Ranch
Genesis -- A Trick Of The Tail
April Wine -- Say Hello
Head East -- City Of Gold / Fly By Night Lady
Journey -- Spaceman
Heartsfield -- House Of Living
Santana -- Everybody's Everything
Utopia -- Love In Action
Blue Oyster Cult -- In Thee
Shooting Star -- Hang On For Your Life
Stingray -- Lovesaver
Ambrosia -- Life Beyond L.A.
Traffic -- Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
Little Feat -- Rocket In My Pocket
Firefall -- Livin' Ain't Livin'
Touch -- Don't You Know What Love Is
Triumvirat -- Spartacus
Pink Floyd -- San Tropez
Yes -- A Time And A Word

And my own personal playlist for the week:

John Hiatt -- Walk On
Keane -- Night Train
Paul Simon -- So Beautiful Or So What
Pat Metheny Group -- Imaginary Day
Bonnie Raitt -- Home Plate
Hothouse Flowers -- The Platinum Collection
Jeff Beck -- Loud Hailer
Dan Fogelberg -- Souvenirs
Coldplay -- A Rush Of Blood To The Head
The Beatles -- Beatles For Sale
Various Artists -- Common Ground
Mike Oldfield -- Tubular Bells II
Dan Fogelberg -- First Christmas Morning
Manfred Mann's Earthband -- Angel Station
Various Artists -- Shining Bright: The Songs Of Lal And Mike Waterson
Pink Floyd -- Meddle
Dan Fogelberg -- The Wild Places
Miroslav Vitous, Terje Rypdal & Jack DeJohnette -- Vitous Rypdal DeJohnette
Andy Irvine & Davey Spillane -- East Wind
Fish -- Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors
The Anderson Ponty Band -- Better Late Than Never
Brian Plummer -- No Questions
Dan Fogelberg -- High Country Snows
The Band -- The Band
James Taylor -- October Road
Steeleye Span -- Wintersmith
Harry Nilsson -- Pussycats
Jimi Hendrix -- Voodoo Soup
Dave Edmunds -- The Collection
Van der Graaf Generator -- World Record

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