Sunday, 22 January 2017

KSHE Klassics Show, January 22nd, 2017

Quotation du jour ~ Christopher Hitchens: One of the beginnings of human emancipation is the ability to laugh at authority. It is an indispensable thing.

I have one major problem with listening to this program online -- and, i hasten to add, this is not a problem with the show itself, but with the outfit that streams the audio, They delete the local St Louis ads and insert songs of their own choosing instead, often wildly inappropriate and often entirely detestable. I mean, "Play It Loud" by KISS must be one of the worst songs in the history of Western civilisation, but, lucky me, i get to hear it every week.

Also, as they don't stream their audio to Canada, i have to use a VPN to listen -- it costs me $10 a month and well worth it -- the VPN tells them i'm connecting from the USA. New York City, i think, judging by the ads they also insert, many of which seem to be aimed at affluent Manhattanites. It wasn't always thus. When i was first told about KSHE over four years ago, i didn't need a VPN and i was able to listen to St Louis ads -- which were one of the things that made me interested in the city!

The first song, the Charlie Daniels, was the first song that John Ulett (the host) played, when he started at the station forty years ago.

Charlie Daniels -- Saddle Tramp
Foghat -- Stone Blue
Dwight Twilley -- I'm On Fire
Eagles -- Ol' 55
Lighthouse -- One Fine Morning
Steely Dan -- Kid Charlemagne
Planet P -- Why Me?
Uriah Heep -- The Wizard
Off Broadway -- Stay In Time
Eric Burdon -- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Chris De Burgh -- Don't Pay The Ferryman
Robin Trower -- Caledonia
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils -- Chicken Train
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Hey You
Billy Joel -- The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
Kansas -- Portrait (He Knew)
Elton John -- Grey Seal
Queen -- I Want It All
Angel -- The Tower
Genesis -- I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Flash & The Pan -- Hey St Peter
Atlanta Rhythm Section -- Angel (What In The World's Come Over Us)
Shoot -- Sepia Sister
Eric Clapton -- She's Waiting
Supertramp -- Sister Moonshine
Bob Seger -- Heavy Music
REO Speedwagon -- Music Man
Yes -- Heart Of The Sunrise
Nazareth -- Holiday
Electric Light Orchestra -- Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
Bruce Springsteen -- Kitty's Back
Blue Oyster Cult -- Godzilla
Little Feat -- Oh, Atlanta
April Wine -- Just Between You And Me

And my own personal playlist for the week:

Bob Dylan -- The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Richard Thompson -- Dream Attic
Terje Rypdal -- Descendre
Jane Siberry -- Angels Bend Closer
Roxy Music -- The Early Years
The Kinks -- The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
Keane -- Under The Iron Sea
Dan Fogelberg -- Phoenix
T. Rex -- Electric Warrior
Jeff Beck -- Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop
Fish -- Internal Exile
Robert Plant -- The Principle Of Moments
Dan Fogelberg -- The Wild Places
Kate Bush -- The Dreaming
Thin Lizzy -- Black Rose: A Rock Legend
Dick Gaughan -- Redwood Cathedral
Stevie Wonder -- The Definitive Collection
Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg -- Twin Sons Of Different Mothers
Paula Cole -- This Bright Red Feeling
John Tams -- Unity
Big Wreck -- Albatross
Mike Rutherford -- Smallcreep's Day
Mike Oldfield -- Ommadawn
Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris -- Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions
Collective Soul -- Afterwords
Propaganda -- A Secret Wish
Radiohead -- Hail To The Thief
Richard Thompson -- Mock Tudor
Yes -- Going For The One
Jan Akkerman -- Tabernakel

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