Sunday, 30 November 2008

Doomed To Repeat It

When will i ever learn: never go grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon.

Off i trudged, through the wind and blowing snow, to the palace of consumerism that is my local grocery hypermarket, only to be confronted by the spatially-challenged (i.e. oblivious to the fact that they take up space) hordes who look upon shopping as a hobby.

When i go shopping, i generally know exactly what i want; and what i want is to zoom in, grab it, and zoom out as quickly as i can and then go on to something more interesting. On Sunday afternoons, more than at any other time, it seems, the grocery is full of people with nothing else to do and are just hangin' out, chatting with their neighbours and fondling the tomatoes in a desultory fashion and basically blocking the aisles. What is wrong with these people?

Are their lives really so empty?

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