Thursday, 17 June 2021

KSHE KLASSICS SHOW, June 13th, 2021

 As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here. I have to connect via a VPN in order to spoof an American address, and this week, according to i was listening from Salt Lake City. I'm pretty sure i've never been there before.

Quotation of the week: Douglas Adams ~ I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

Speaking of deadlines zooming by, i'm very late posting this week. It's true, though, that it's easier to write a bad review than a positive one and i really had not a thing to grouse about this week. All was well, there were at least five selections from my top 500 favourite songs list, there was nothing even remotely annoying and the show definitely merits a grade of A.

Plus i've been on holiday all week and have been busy elsewhere – watching YouTube videos all day, etc....

Here's a pic of Salt Lake City, as i'd never known what it looked like:

The Kinks – Apeman

Renaissance – Mother Russia

Fleetwood Mac – I Don't Want To Know

Real Life – Send Me An Angel

Kansas – Reason To Be

Stevie Nicks – Enchanted

Head East – Since You've Been Gone

The Doors – Back Door Man

Barry Goudreau – Dreams

Aldo Nova – Fantasy

Gary Wright – Fascinating Things

Spirit – I Got A Line On You

Heartsfield – Music Eyes

John Mellencamp – Small Paradise

Genesis – I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

Phil Collins – I Missed Again

Paul McCartney – Smile Away

Poco – Crazy Eyes

The Michael Stanley Band – Promises

Thin Lizzy – Dancing In The Moonlight

Neil Young – My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)

The Moody Blues – Steppin' In A Slide Zone

Rod Stewart – The Ball Trap

Jethro Tull – To Cry You A Song

James Taylor – Your Smiling Face

Chicago – I'm A Man

UFO – Just Another Suicide

Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne

Flame – Beg Me

The Grateful Dead – Box Of Rain

Jars Of Clay – Flood

Bruce Springsteen – Incident On 57th St. / Rosalita

Kim Mitchell – Go For A Soda

The Outlaws – Holiday

Bad Company – Painted Face

Starz – Cherry Baby

Don Henley – Last Worthless Evening

My personal playlist for last week was a bit of a long one, multi-disc sets notwithstanding, as i had a couple of extra days off:

Afro Celt Sound System – Volume 3: Release

The Dave Weckl Band – Live In St Louis At The Chesterfield Jazz Festival 2019

Geri Allen Trio – Twenty One

Duke Ellington – It Don't Mean A Thing: Classic Recordings 1930-1934

Bob Dylan – Another Side Of Bob Dylan

Quintessence – Self + Indweller

Van Morrison – A Night In San Francisco (2 CDs)

Hildegard Von Bingen – A Feather On The Breath Of God

Laurie Anderson – Mister Heartbreak

The Beatles – Anthology 3 (2 CDs)

Judy Collins – Fires Of Eden

Dead Can Dance – In Concert

Alan Stivell – The Best Of Alan Stivell

Loreena McKennitt – The Mask And The Mirror

Natalie Maines – Mother

Highly Strung – When The Winds Begin To Sing

Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now: The Very Best Of Thompson Twins (2 CDs)

John Lennon – Walls And Bridges

Bluehorses – Thirteen Fires

Jefferson Starship – Red Octopus

SRC – SRC / Milestones / Traveler's Tale (2 CDs)

Albion Morris – Still Dancing After All These Years

Various Artists – Ultimate Songwriters

Siouxsie & The Banshees – A Kiss In The Dreamhouse

Camel – Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2 CDs)

Nazareth – Loud 'N' Proud

Rory Gallagher – Rock Goes To College (DVD)

Dead Can Dance – Spleen And Ideal

Marillion – Somewhere Else

Peter Gabriel – Long Walk Home

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

KSHE KLASSICS SHOW, June 6th, 2021

As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here. I have to connect via a VPN in order to spoof an American address, and this week, according to i was listening from Atlanta, Georgia, again.

Quotation of the week: Simon Pegg ~ Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.

Ahh, Spriggsblog, one of the few blogs in the world that has fewer readers than Donald Trump's! Unlike that notoriously thin-skinned orange accident and Insurrectionist-In-Chief, though, we're not shutting ours down (pumps fist in air à la Josh Hawley). (Ooops, bad example....)

This week's show gets a grade of “A+”, but only because of the Dan Fogelberg (and it wasn't even one of his greatest). Otherwise it may just barely have scraped by with a “B+”. There was some wonderful music, certainly, and absolutely nothing that made me want to flee the room and go and scrub the toilet, several nice surprises, but very little that had me dancing / head bangin' / melting in my chair. Highlights: Poco, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Townshend and Mama's Pride.

Here's the playlist and a pic of the Mississippi River, looking north past, well, you know:

Wet Willie -- Everything That You Do (Will Come Back To You)

Hardline -- Hot Cherie

Peter Frampton -- I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)

Santana -- Let The Children Play / Jugando

Manfred Mann's Earthband -- The Mighty Quinn

Journey -- Only The Young

Poco -- Pickin' Up The Pieces

The Blue Öyster Cult -- Shooting Shark

Atlanta Rhythm Section -- Spooky

It's A Beautiful Day -- White Bird

The Little River Band -- Take It Easy On Me

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils -- You Know Like I Know

Loggins & Messina -- Back To Georgia

Gerry Rafferty -- City To City

Arlo Guthrie -- City Of New Orleans

Chris de Burgh -- Don't Pay The Ferryman

Dave Mason -- Headkeeper

Pete Townshend -- Face The Face

707 -- I Could Be Good For You

Ambrosia -- Life Beyond L.A.

Symphonic Slam -- Modane Train

April Wine -- Ooowatanite

The Moody Blues -- Ride My See-Saw

Thin Lizzy -- Showdown

Graham Parker -- White Honey

Dixie Dregs -- Take It Off The Top

Nick Gilder -- You Really Rock Me

The Steve Miller Band -- Winter Time

Neil Young -- Don't Let It Bring You Down

Bruce Springsteen -- Fade Away

Dan Fogelberg -- False Faces

Molly Hatchet -- Fall Of The Peacemakers

Randy Meisner -- Hearts On Fire

Bob Geldof -- I Don't Like Mondays

The Rolling Stones -- Mother's Little Helper

Styx -- Sing For The Day NOT MEAT LOAF

38 Special -- Teacher Teacher

Mama's Pride -- Young And Free

My personal lockdown playlist this week isn't as lengthy as it might have been, thanks to a couple of multiple-disc sets. Here 'tis:

King Crimson – Epitaph (2 CDs)

Faith Hill – Breathe

Mireille Mathieu – Rencontres Des Femmes

Kronos Quartet – Pieces Of Africa

Edvard Grieg – Peer Gynt Suites / Holberg Suite

John Renbourn – The Hermit

Ronnie Wood – Slide On This

The Bothy Band – 1976

Chris Leslie – Fiddle Back

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

The Johnstons – The Johnstons

Afro Celt Sound System – The Source

Ella Fitzgerald – The Irving Berlin Songbook, Vol. 2

Wishbone Ash – Pilgrimage

Van der Graaf Generator – Still Life

Curved Air – Phantasmagoria

Jane Siberry – No Borders Here

Sandy Denny – Rendezvous

Fairport Convention – Fairport unCONVENTIONal (5 CDs)

New Order – The Best Of New Order

Maggie Reilly – Past Present Future

James Taylor – Covers

Toto – Past To Present 1977-1990

America – Hat Trick

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Open

Eric Clapton – From The Cradle

Colin James – Take It From The Top: The Best Of Colin James

Jackie De Shannon – The Definitive Collection

Linda Ronstadt – Heart Like A Wheel

Wishbone Ash – Wishbone Four

Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

The Kinks – Soap Opera

Susanna Hoffs -- Susanna Hoffs

Tuesday, 1 June 2021


As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here. I have to connect via a VPN in order to spoof an American address, and this week i was listening from Atlanta, Georgia, again.

Quotation of the week: John Lennon: Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.

I'd completely forgotten, but this was the Memorial Day Weekend in the Divided States of America, and it's traditional for KSHE to do a special “Top 500” countdown all weekend. This meant that it was an abbreviated edition of The Klassics Show – only half as long as usual – which was a shame because there was a lot of wonderful music today. Definitely a grade of “A+.”

Things i learned today: Vienna is Billy Joel's favourite song from his own catalogue; For A Rocker was Jackson Browne's tribute to James Honeyman-Scott, lead guitarist for The Pretenders, who died of heart failure induced by cocaine excesses at the age of 25.

Here, have a playlist, and a photo of Vienna – the city, not the song:

Louisiana's LeRoux – Take A Ride On A Riverboat

Billy Joel – Vienna

The Who – You

Dan Fogelberg – As The Raven Flies

The Charlie Daniels Band – Blue Star

Styx – Boat On The River

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Chicken Train

Supertramp – Child Of Vision

New England – Don't Ever Wanna Lose You

Icehouse – Electric Blue

Leon Russell – Tightrope

Headstone – Turn Your Head

Steely Dan – Green Earrings

Benny Mardones – Mighta Been Love

Strawbs – Lemon Pie

Journey – Where Were You

Jackson Browne – For A Rocker

Bruce Springsteen -- 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

Sweet – Fox On The Run

Firefall – Headed For A Fall

Two double disc sets and a load of schtuff i hadn't played in a long time are the main features of this lockdown week's playlist:

Peter Gabriel – Birdy

ABBA – Gold: Greatest Hits

Various Artists – Summer Of Love, Vol. 1: Tune In

Laurie Anderson – Big Science

Sky – Sky 2

Steeleye Span – Now We Are Six Again (2 CDs)

Kim Mitchell – Rockland

Kate Bush – Director's Cut

Paul Simon – The Rhythm Of The Saints

Capercaillie – Sidewaulk

Caro Emerald – Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor

Rockpile – Seconds Of Pleasure

Manfred Mann's Earthband – Chance

London Grammar – Californian Soil

Jan Akkerman – Tabernakel

The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver – Beat Of The Street

Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan

New Order – The Best Of New Order

Joan Osborne – Bring It On Home

Kate Bush – The Dreaming

Various Artists – The Earth Greets The Sun: Gamelan Music From Bali

Zaz – Recto Verso

Van Morrison – Moondance

Various Artists – The Crying Game

Spiers & Boden – Tunes

The John Kirkpatrick Band – Force Of Habit

Paula Cole – American Quilt

Susanna Hoffs – Susanna Hoffs

Randy Newman – Little Criminals

Peter Hammill – In Camera

Enya – Paint The Sky With Stars: The Best Of Enya

Warren Zevon – Genius: The Best Of Warren Zevon

Various Artists – Stay Awake

Renata Tebaldi – La Tebaldi (2 CDs)

The Chieftains – The Chieftains 4

Maddy Prior & June Tabor – No More To The Dance

Tuesday, 25 May 2021


As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here. I have to connect via a VPN in order to spoof an American address, and this week i was listening from Atlanta, Georgia.

Quotation of the week: Kate Bush ~ In a popular medium, you're going to get loads of stuff that is trite, but there'll also be some really special moments.

And that quotation pretty much sums up this week's Klassics Show, with it's okay but not wonderful grade of “B+”.

As usual of late, has featured a few bona fide classics, one truly disagreeable track (in this case, the Blood Sweat & Tears vomit-o-rama) and a lot of schtuff that, while perfectly enjoyable, was far from exceptional.

Right in the very first hour, we had an all-time favourite by Jeff Beck. Then George Harrison, a Moody Blues fave, Thin Lizzy and all 20+ minutes of Echoes.

Some weeks ago i remarked on the conspicuous absence of female solo artists on this radio show. I couldn't think, at that time of any other than Cheryl Dilcher and Janis Joplin. Sure, there's the female singers in Heart, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac etc., but i was thinking of solo singers. OK, sure, destroy my point by having one (but only one) almost every week since. Today it was Patti Smith and, oh, look, here she is, along with the playlist:

Touch – When The Spirit Moves You

Uriah Heep – Easy Livin'

Trapeze – Don't Ask Me How I Know

The Jeff Beck Group – I Ain't Superstitious

The Steve Miller Band – Your Saving Grace

Jefferson Starship – With Your Love

Michael Bolton – She Did The Same Thing

Foghat – Somebody's Been Sleepin' In My Bed

George Harrison – What Is Life?

Hudson Ford – Take A Little Word

Eddie Money – Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star

Dave Mason – World In Changes

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – A New Rock And Roll

Blood, Sweat & Tears – And When I Die

Patti Smith – Because The Night

Van Morrison – Caravan

Novo Combo – City Bound (“E” Train)

Thin Lizzy – Don't Believe A Word

Bob Welch – Ebony Eyes

The Moody Blues – For My Lady

U2 – Gloria

Ian Gomm – Hold On

Climax Blues Band – I Am Constant

Foreigner – I'll Get Even With You

Pink Floyd – Echoes

Glass Moon – Killer At 25

Manassas – Johnny's Garden

Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Kayak – Periscope Life

Lou Gramm – Ready Or Not

Moon Martin – Rolene

The Marshall Tucker Band – Running Like The Wind

The Charlie Daniels Band – Saddle Tramp

Jackson Browne – Rock Me On The Water

Michael Fennelly – Shine A Light

Jesse Colin Young – Songbird

Here's my own personal playlist for the week and, as we're still under the stay-at-home order, it's another long one:

James Taylor – Before This World

Beryl Davis – I'll Be Seeing You

Various Artists – Until The End Of The World

The Albion Band – Lark Rise To Candleford

Ofra Haza – Queen In Exile

John Fogerty – Blue Moon Swamp

Kirsty MacColl – Tropical Brainstorm

Steve Earle – The Revolution Starts Now

Marillion – This Strange Engine

Saga – Full Circle

Sheryl Crow – Threads

Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine

The Kings – The Kings Are Here And More

Steely Dan – Countdown To Ecstasy

Pink Floyd – Echoes (2 CDs)

Fairport Convention – Off The Desk 2020

June Tabor – Some Other Time

Steppenwolf – 16 Greatest Hits

Roxy Music – Avalon

Chicago – Chicago VI

Jethro Tull – Stormwatch

Kate Bush – The Red Shoes

John Tams – Unity

Various Artists – Angel-Headed Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan and T.Rex (2 CDs)

Various Artists – Sun Jammin' 2

Martha Velez – Fiends And Angels

Joan Osborne – Righteous Love

Rory Gallagher – Deuce

Steve Hackett –Defector

The Beatles – A Hard Day's Night

Elbow – Little Fictions

Peter Gabriel – Passion

Marillion – With Friends From The Orchestra

Tuesday, 18 May 2021


[As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here; i have to connect via a VPN, to spoof an American address. This week, i was in Boise, Idaho, which was a surprise. I'd never been there before.]

Quotation Of The Week ~ Billy Joel: I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.

The fact that Uman played Rory this morning makes it easy to grade the show as an “A+” but if it hadn't been for that it would have been a lot tougher to decide. For sure there were some bona fide classics, er, Klassics, but there was also a lot that was merely ordinary, and the Jonathan Round interpretation (i can't call it a song) of Sympathy For The Devil is so dire i left the room. REO Speedwagon's song was unrecognisable as being REO, thus didn't suck.

Otherwise, everything was pretty good. 10c.c., Eagles, Hendrix, The Moody Blues (one of my favourite songs of theirs), Wings and Yes were highlights and i'm really liking Gamma's cover of the old Hollies song. I've heard it here a few times.

Oh, and a slap on the wrist to KSHE for mis-identifying the Finnigan & Wood song as being by Kendi. I do believe he's a rap artist of some kind – which is a pretty egregious error!

Here, have a pic of Boise, Idaho, and the playlist:

Chuck Francour – Under The Boulevard Lights

Grand Funk Railroad – Walk Like A Man

Billy Joel – The Stranger

Nazz – Under The Ice

Robin Trower – Sweet Wine Of Love

10 c.c. -- The Wall Street Shuffle

George Harrison – Sue Me, Sue You Blues

Jerry Garcia – Sugaree

The Steve Miller Band – Wild Mountain Honey

Jonathan Round – Sympathy For The Devil

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road

The Rolling Stones – All Down The Line

Eagles – Try And Love Again

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced?

Loggins & Messina – Be Free

Rory Gallagher – Calling Card

38 Special – Chain Lightnin'

REO Speedwagon – Dead At Last

Michael Murphey – Wildfire

Triumph – Fight The Good Fight

Sammy Hagar – Give To Live

Roger Hodgson – Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy)

Finnigan And Wood – Highway NOT Kendi

Gamma – I'm Alive

Grinderswitch – Kill The Pain

Wings – Let Me Roll It

The Moody Blues – New Horizons

Trooper – It's Been A Long Time

Michael Quatro – In Collaboration With The Gods

Rusty Wier – Midnight Angel

The Alan Parsons Project – One More River

The Michael Stanley Band – Say Goodbye

Yes -- Parallels

The “stay-at-home” order continues which means my personal playlist is another long one this time:

Chris Squire – Fish Out Of Water

Dick Gaughan – Handful Of Earth

Max Webster – Mutiny Up My Sleeve

The Mamas And The Papas – 16 Of Their Greatest Hits

Renaissance – Azure D'Or

Jethro Tull – A Passion Play

Alphaville – Forever Young

Rod Stewart – Unplugged ... And Seated

The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour

Dan Fogelberg – The Wild Places

Ian Anderson – Thick As A Brick 2

Yes – The Yes Album

Zaz – Recto Verso

Enya – A Day Without Rain

Dick Gaughan – The Definitive Collection

Kate Bush – The Red Shoes

Afro Celt Sound System – Flight

Fairport Acoustic Convention – Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand

Anca Parghel – Muzic De Colectie

Randy Newman – Little Criminals

Steely Dan – Countdown To Ecstasy

Alison Krauss – Essential Alison Krauss

Steeleye Span – Tonight's The Night ... Live

Spirit – Clear

Various Artists – Ultimate Songwriters

Rory Gallagher – Defender

Be+Bop Deluxe – Electrical Language

Pet Shop Boys – Please

Bangles – Greatest Hits

Van der Graaf Generator – Maida Vale

U.K. -- Night After Night

Talk Talk – Spirit Of Eden

June Tabor & Oysterband – Fire & Fleet

Soft Machine – Land Of Cockayne

Tuesday, 11 May 2021


[As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here; i have to connect via a VPN, to spoof an American address. This week, i was in Houston, Texas. I don't recall ever being there before.]

Quotation Of The Week ~ Dan Fogelberg: And it looks like you're gonna hafta see me again, Illinois.

I was vacillating this morning. No, really. It's all right – i have a permit (only cost me $199.95 online and it's good for a whole year). I was shilly-shallying (and, as a permit-holder, i'm allowed to use synonyms) about the grade to give to today's show. The Pavlov's Dog song annoyed me and having to use the Duck to find a couple of songs was a pain – and Gypsy was definitely not The Black Crowes, as the website suggested.... These were points against, but ultimately i went with a grade of “A” because i'm a wonderful person, loved by young and old alike.

Well, that, plus most of the music was fan-freak'n'-tastic. And it included the only Grateful Dead song i really like! Congrats, too, to our host for playing the original British version of The Who's Substitute rather than the American release: in the former, the song goes “I look all white but my Dad was Black,” but for sensitive racialist American listeners of the sixties it was changed to “I try walking forward but my feet walk back.”

I noticed that Steve Winwood – who used to be in Traffic, of course – was immediately followed by James Taylor's Traffic Jam. I wonder if that was by design? That's the sort of juxtaposition that Radio Paradise would make.

Highlights for me were ... too many to mention. Here, have a picture of Houston, and the playlist:

The Clash – Train In Vain (Stand By Me)

George Harrison – So Sad (No Love Of His Own)

The Grateful Dead – Touch Of Grey

Pavlov's Dog – She Came Shining

Steve Winwood – Time Is Running Out

James Taylor – Traffic Jam

Cream – Strange Brew

Rainbow – Street Of Dreams

Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey

Jefferson Starship – Stranger

Steely Dan – Time Out Of Mind

Horslips – Sure The Boy Was Green

Deodato –Super Strut

Santana – Transcendance

The Moody Blues – Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?) / (Evening) Time To Get Away

Elvin Bishop – Travelin' Shoes

Eddie Money – Trinidad

Wet Willie – Street Corner Serenade

Sherbs – We Ride Tonight

The Who – Substitute

The Allman Brothers Band – Trouble No More

Jon & Vangelis – State Of Independence

The Doobie Brothers – Turn It Loose

Gypsy – Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard

Rod Stewart – True Blue

The Grateful Dead – Sugar Magnolia

Eric Clapton – The Shape You're In

The Doors – When The Music's Over

Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues

The Steve Miller Band – True Fine Love

David Gilmour – There's No Way Out Of Here

Rush – Time Stand Still

Shooting Star – Tonight

My own personal playlist is another long one this week, as the “stay-at-home” order continues. Plus, also, too a lot of these were the original albums rather than re-released “deluxe” editions with loads of bonus tracks that were left off the original albums for a reason.

Bruce Cockburn – In The Falling Dark

Eagles – Desperado

U.K. -- U.K.

Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love

Lesley Garrett – A Soprano At The Movies

Gryphon – Red Queen To Gryphon Three

Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue

Runrig – Amazing Things

New Musik – Anywhere

Amazing Blondel – Evensong

Kirsty MacColl – Tropical Brainstorm

Paul McCartney – Wingspan: Hits And History (2 CDs)

Jeff Beck – Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop

Mike Oldfield – Platinum

Genesis – Duke

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Quicksilver Messenger Service

Bangles – Greatest Hits

Rhiannon Giddens w. Francesco Turrisi – They're Calling Me Home

Roxy Music – Siren

Blues Traveler – Four

The Nice – Ars Longa Vita Brevis

Rory Gallagher – Wheels Within Wheels

Heart – Heart

Yes – Tales From Topographic Oceans (2 CDs)

Eagles – One Of These Nights

Mike Oldfield – Islands

Oysterband – Diamonds On The Water

Kim Mitchell – Ain't Life Amazing

Terje Rypdal – Odyssey

Jimi Hendrix – Rainbow Bridge

King Crimson – Thrak

Paula Cole – Revolution

Amon Düül II – Wolf City

Sixpence None The Richer – The Best Of Sixpence None The Richer

Tuesday, 4 May 2021


[As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here; i have to connect via a VPN, to spoof an American address. This week, according to i was listening from Chicago again.]

Quotation Of The Week ~ Alice Cooper: When musicians are telling people who to vote for, I think that's an abuse of power. You're telling your fans not to think for themselves, just to think like you. Rock 'n' roll is about freedom and that's not freedom.

A very, very good program this morning which well deserved its grade of “A.” It wasn't an auspicious start – i've never been a big fan of Steve Miller's although his music is tolerable enough. After that, though, it was almost unbeatable. Even the REO Speedwagon song didn't piss me off – it was an early number, before jackass and self-proclaimed golden god Kevin Cronin became their singer and the song was far better than the live version they later recorded with Mr Cronin.

Great to hear Cheryl Dilcher, Rod Stewart when he was relevant, Genesis, Deep People and Fleetwood Mac's Hypnotised. Apparently, Bob Welch wrote that song for some dude named David Walker, who was supposed to join Fleetwood Mac at one point. He didn't, though, and Bob made the song his own. (David Walker was a member of Black Sabbath for a very brief while; no idea where he is now – selling insurance maybe.)

So many highlights it's impossible to choose one and that song by Lake has been stuck in my head ever since, so thanks for that ha ha. (Good song, though.) Anyway, here's the list and a totally gratuitous photo of Tal Wilkenfeld:

The Steve Miller Band – Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash

Saga – Wind Him Up

Rod Stewart – You Wear It Well

Deep Purple – My Woman From Tokyo

REO Speedwagon – 157 Riverside Avenue

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – C'est La Vie

Kansas – Fight Fire With Fire

The Smithereens – The Blues Before And After

Van Morrison – Domino

Kenny Loggins – Easy Driver

Genesis – Paperlate

The Rolling Stones – She's So Cold

The Tubes – Sushi Girl

The Charlie Daniels Band – The South's Gonna Do It Again

Electric Light Orchestra – Tightrope

The Outlaws – Green Grass And High Tides

Cheryl Dilcher – High

Sammy Hagar – The Ice Man

Dire Straits – Industrial Disease

Fleetwood Mac – Hypnotized

Ten Years After – I'd Love To Change The World

Lake – Time Bomb

The Michael Stanley Band – Last Night

Ian MacLagan – Little Troublemaker

Strawbs – To Be Free

Harry Nilsson – Jump Into The Fire

Rush – Making Memories

Bruce Cockburn – Tokyo

Pretenders – Message Of Love

The Who – New Song

Little Feat – Oh Atlanta

The Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today

Journey – Too Late

The Illinois Speed Press – P.N.S. (When You Come Around)

Heartsfield – Racin' The Sun

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Ripplin' Waters

Jefferson Starship – Save Your Love

My personal playlist is.... Well, yes, we're still under a “stay at home” order, so it's long:

Jeff Beck – Emotion And Commotion (CD + DVD)

U.K. -- Danger Money

Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

Rory Gallagher – Deuce

Various Artists – Plus From Us

Donovan – What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid

The Rolling Stones – December's Children (And Everybody's)

Joan Osborne – Trouble And Strife

Dead Can Dance – Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun

Martha Velez – Fiends And Angels

Mike Batt – Tarot Suite

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

The Kinks – Something Else

The Moody Blues – To Our Children's Children's Children

The Pointer Sisters – Jump: The Best Of The Pointer Sisters

Yes – Going For The One

Art Garfunkel – Simply The Best

Roxy Music – Country Life

Peter Hammill – The Noise

Wizzard – Introducing Eddy & The Falcons

Zaz – Paris

Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Eliza Carthy – Restitute

Fish – Weltzschmerz (2 CDs)

Tyrannosaurus Rex – My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair....

Van der Graaf Generator – The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other

Dead Can Dance – In Concert

Various Artists – The British Invasion, Vol. 9

Art – Supernatural Fairy Tales

Blodwyn Pig – Getting To This

Fairport Convention – Gladys' Leap

Judy Dunlop & Ashley Hutchings – Sway With Me

Steve Earle – El Corazȯn

The Bothy Band – Out Of The Wind, Into The Sun

Sandy Denny – The North Star Grassman And The Ravens

The Sugarcubes – Stick Around For Joy

Rival Sons – Pressure And Time