Sunday, 13 January 2019


Quotation du jour ~ Jerry Garcia: You need music, I don't know why. It's probably one of those Joe Campbell questions, why we need ritual. We need magic, and bliss, and power, myth, and celebration and religion in our lives, and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.

[As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here and i have to connect via a VPN, to spoof a non-Canadian address. This week, according to i was listening from San Francisco for the second week running. I must like it there.]

This program has changed a bit over the past couple of months, in that the host,
John Ulett (a.k.a. Uman) once seldom spoke but now introduces nearly every other song and often provides background info about the music and/or the performer. It's all right – he has a friendly voice (and is a nice guy – i met him when i was in St Louis) and the details are usually interesting, but i can't help thinking that i'd prefer less rabbit and more music.

Ah, well, it's still the best radio show i know of and still the highlight of my week, and today's scores an A+ (or seven stars out of five) (off the scale on the Spriggs-o-meter!) for the inclusion of both Dan Fogelberg and Rory Gallagher – back-to-back, no less! But it would have scored almost an A+ even without them, it was that good.

I have tried and tried to understand the popularity of REO Speedwagon in St Louis, but i simply can't. I am, after all, an honorary citizen of the place so i think i should be able to comprehend schtuff like this, but it baffles me. They're pretty much disdained in Canada and i did, once, kinda half-heartedly try to defend them to a Canajun friend, out of “civic pride,” but i couldn't. They (to use the technical term) suck. Theirs was definitely the worst selection today.

So much great music, though: and so much that i hadn't heard in a long time. The show ended far too early.

Jackson Browne – The Pretender
Fleetwood Mac – Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Hey Hey, My My (Out Of The Blue, Into The Black)
Supertramp – Rudy
Shooting Star – Last Chance
The Who – The Kids Are Alright
The Marshall Tucker Band – Searchin' For A Rainbow
Steely Dan – The Fez
Alice Cooper – Hello Hooray
REO Speedwagon – Easy Money
Uriah Heep – The Wizard
Head East – City Of Gold / Fly By Night
The Doobie Brothers – Ukiah / The Captain And Me
It's A Beautiful Day – A Hot Summer Day
Jethro Tull – Cross-Eyed Mary
Dan Fogelberg – Aspen / These Days
Rory Gallagher – Country Mile
Stingray – The Man In My Shoes
Crosby, Stills & Nash – Just A Song Before I Go
String Driven Thing – Circus
Camel – Lady Fantasy
John Mellencamp – Justice And Independence '85
Genesis – Man On The Corner
Planet P Project – Why Me
The Grateful Dead – Touch Of Grey
Bruce Springsteen – The Promised Land
Brian Protheroe – Pinball
Paul McCartney – Another Day
Good Rats – Back To My Music
Yes – Tempus Fugit
The Charlie Daniels Band – Saddle Tramp
UFO – Mystery Train
Joe Walsh – A Life Of Illusion
The Cars – It's All I Can Do
The Tubes – Sushi Girl
Rod Stewart – You Wear It Well

This week, i promised myself that i would re-listen to some albums i had never, for one reason or another, become overly familiar with. It didn't work out all that well. Here's the list of what i annoyed the neighbours with:

Johnny Hodges – Jazz Masters 35
Afro-Celt Sound System – Flight
Jethro Tull – Stormwatch
Mike Batt – Tarot Suite
The Kinks – The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
George Harrison – Brainwashed
Dixie Chicks – Fly
Van Morrison – Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart
Bill Bruford's Earthworks – Stomping Ground
Billy Joel – Turnstiles
Joan Osborne – Little Wild One
Yehudi Menuhin (w. The English Chamber Orchestra) – Yehudi Menuhin Conducts Vaughan Williams
June Tabor, Iain Bellamy & Huw Warren – Quercus
Kim Mitchell – Rockland
Various Artists – Son Of “Morris On”
Portishead – Third
Mike Oldfield – QE 2
Patty Loveless – The Trouble With The Truth
Various Artists – Compil Folk 38
Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces
Boys Of The Lough – To Welcome Paddy Home
Chicago – Chicago VI
Toto – Past To Present 1977-1990
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Superstition
Rod Stewart – Human
Mekons & Kathy Acker – Pussy, King Of The Pirates
The Kinks – Muswell Hillbillies
Eleftheria Arvanitaki -- Ta Kormia Ke Ta Maheria
Jeff Beck – Who Else!
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin

Friday, 11 January 2019

My Year In CDs, 2018

I bought an extraordinary fifty-nine CDs in 2018. How many did i buy last year? Maybe 35? But don't worry, i haven't all of a sudden embraced contemporary pop music, which is even worse than ever now. Very few of the albums were by current artists, they were mostly replacements for old vinyl (which i can no longer play) or "best of" collections by old favourites.

I've written replacements for old vinyl in (and in a couple of cases, old cassettes) in red. New albums by contemporary artists are indicated with an octothorpe – or hashtag, if you prefer. (#) File everything else here under “m” for miscellaneous. “Best of” collections should be obvious.

I wrote (above) that i certainly have not embraced contemporary pop music, however, there was one album by an artist who might be considered “contempop” -- Pink (although, really, i think she's a genre unto herself). I'd always liked what i'd heard of her music, without being particularly interested in exploring further, until i heard a story about her and, isn't this awful, i forget the details. But! She did something extraordinarily nice for someone and it showed to me that she's not at all the tuff chick she comes across as, but is a truly sensitive artist. So i bought an anthology and guess what? It's my CD Of The Year!

I can't choose a “best of” replacement for vinyl, though. It would be almost of them....

#Caro Emerald -- Metropole Orkest X Caro Emerald
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra – The Brandenburg Concertos
Musicians Of The Nile – From Luxor To Isna
Jack Bruce – Songs For A Tailor
Dick Gaughan – Gaughan
Dick Gaughan – The Definitive Collection
"Guys And Dolls" (Original Broadway Cast)
Jack Bruce – Harmony Row
Donna Summer – The Ultimate Collection
#Martin & Eliza Carthy – Moral Of The Elephant
John Kirkpatrick – Sheepskins
#Marillion – All One Tonight
Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill
Alanis Morissette – Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Davy Spillane – Atlantic Bridge
Mott The Hoople – Mott
Spirit – Clear
Patti Smith – Outside Society
Shirley Collins And The Albion Band – No Roses
Planxty – One Night In Bremen
Siouxsie & The Banshees – A Kiss In The Dreamhouse
#Ray Davies – Our Country: Americana act II
Runrig – Heartland
Donna Summer – Live And More
Barbra Streisand – The Broadway Album
Davy Spillane Band – Out Of The Air
The Kinks – Misfits
#Florence + The Machine – High As Hope
The Kinks – Sleepwalker
Loggins & Messina – Sittin' In Again
The Kinks – Soap Opera
#Richard Thompson – 13 Rivers
The Kinks -- Muswell Hillbillies
#Wolfscote – Turn The Glass
#Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet – Landfall
The Kinks – Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround
#Runrig – The Ones That Got Away
#Happy Rhodes – Ectotrophia
Silly Wizard – A Glint Of Silver
Emerson, Lake & Powell – Emerson, Lake & Powell
The Bothy Band – The Bothy Band
#Paul Simon – In The Blue Light
Various Artists – Big Blue Ball
#Colin James – Miles To Go
Graham Nash David Crosby – Graham Nash David Crosby
#Sharon Shannon – Sacred Earth
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Nocturne
Triona Ni Dhomhnaill – Triona
The Beat – I Just Can't Stop It
Renaissance – Novella
Pink –Greatest Hits ... So Far!!!
#Dead Can Dance – Dionysus
King Crimson – Larks' Tongues In Aspic
Kenny Loggins – The Essential Kenny Loggins
Renaissance – A Song For All Seasons
#Afro Celt Sound System – Flight
#The Albion Christmas Band – Under The Christmas Tree
Atlanta Rhythm Section – ARS: The Best Of Atlanta Rhythm Section
The Who – Quadrophenia

Monday, 7 January 2019


Quotation du jour ~ Confucius: Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.

[As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here and i have to connect via a VPN, to spoof a non-Canadian address. This week, according to i was listening from San Francisco once more.]

John Ulett dedicated the first song today to the memory of Ray Sawyer of Dr Hook, who died on December 31st at the age of 81. It was a morbid start to a mostly pretty good installment of the show and was probably the worst song he played today – although the REO Speedwagon came a close second.

I'm giving in an “A+” because of the inclusion of a Dan Fogelberg song. Otherwise, though, there were only a few songs i can honestly say i love, but most of those, i love a lot! OMG, Buffalo Springfield, Manfred Mann, Billy Joel.... And let's just say i'm glad i made to the bathroom before the Yes song came on – having seven cups of tea results in certain ablutionary necessities – i would have hated to miss a second of it. Definitely the highlight of the program. And, as much as i enjoyed it, i don't really think that Stanley Clarke can be considered classic rock. Classic jazz-rock fusion for sure, though!

Here's Ray. R.I.P.

Dr Hook -- Cover Of The Rolling Stone
Asia – Don't Cry
Buffalo Springfield – Rock And Roll Woman
The Marshall Tucker Band – Take The Highway
Boz Scaggs – Loan Me A Dime
Rare Earth – I Know I'm Losing You
Steve Miller – Space Cowboy
Traffic – Empty Pages
Kenny Loggins – Love Has Come Of Age
Z.Z. Top – Arrested For Driving While Blind
LeRoux – Take A Ride On A Riverboat
The Kinks – Living On A Thin Line
Jackson Browne – Boulevard
Ambrosia – Nice Nice Very Nice
Heartsfield – Another Man Down
Manfred Mann's Earth Band – For You
Grinderswitch – Pickin' The Blues
Slade – Run Runaway
Billy Joel – Travelin' Prayer
Tony Carey – The First Day Of Summer
Steely Dan – Deacon Blues
Taxxi – I'm Leaving
Stanley Clarke – School Days
The Micheal Stanley Band – In The Heartland
Dave Mason – Feelin' Alright
Joe Walsh – Mother Says
The J. Geils Band – First I Look At The Purse
REO Speedwagon – Only The Strong Survive
Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Gimme Your Money Please
UFO – Lights Out
The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun
The Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post
Yes – And You And I
Joe Cocker – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
The Climax Blues Band – Mighty Fire
Steve Winwood – Arc Of A Diver
Dan Fogelberg – Stolen Moments

Here are the albums my proctologist prescribed for me this week – to help me cope with the people at work who are such ginormous pains in the arse....

Judy Collins – Wildflowers
Paul Simon – You're The One
James Taylor – Before This World
The Dixie Chicks – Home
The Rankin Family – Grey Dusk Of Eve
The Beatles – Abbey Road
Procol Harum – Grand Hotel
The Tragically Hip – Now For Plan A
Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother
Rush – Power Windows
Yes – Relayer
Atlanta Rhythm Section – The Best Of A.R.S.
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Born On The Bayou
Steeleye Span – Hark! The Village Wait
Manfred Mann's Earth Band – Angel Station
The Allman Brothers Band – Idlewild South
Jethro Tull – The Minstrel In The Gallery
Happy Rhodes – Equipoise
Steely Dan – A Decade Of Steely Dan
Kesha – Rainbow
Rob Hyman et al. -- Largo
Joan Osborne – Pretty Little Stranger
Caro Emerald – The Shocking Miss Emerald
Duke Ellington – Duke Ellington And His Great Vocalists
Peter Gabriel – Up
John Fogerty – The Long Road Home
Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love
Dick Gaughan – Handful Of Earth
Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band -- The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Fish – A Feast Of Consequences
Lisa Gerrard – Whalerider
The Moody Blues – To Our Children's Children's Children
Nanci Griffith – Other Voices/Other Rooms

Thursday, 3 January 2019


As i probably moaned in previous years' posts, once upon a time i would read one or two books a week. Then i bought my first PC. So you (or i) can blame Windows 95 for the fact that i now average about one or two a month. And here's what i read in 2018. Books that were new are highlighted in red, re-visits to old friends are in boring old black.

Jan. 5: Maureen O'Connor Kavanaugh – Hidden History Of Downtown St Louis
Jan. 9: Jay Farrar – Falling Cars And Junkyard Dogs: Portraits From A Musical Life
Jan. 17: Martin Amis – Einstein's Monsters
Jan. 31: E.L. Doctorow – Ragtime

Feb. 13: Anthony Burgess – MF

March 7: Caroline Moorehead – Village Of Secrets: Defying The Nazis In Vichy France
March 23: Arthur C. Clarke – The City And The Stars

April 18: Michael Barclay – The Never-Ending Present: The Story Of Gord Downie     And The Tragically Hip
April 24: Craig Halstead – Donna Summer: For The Record
April 25: Spike Milligan – The Bedside Milligan, Or, Read Your Way To Insomnia

May 8: Robyn Maynard – Policing Black Lives: State Violence In Canada From Slavery To The Present
May 18: Edna Ferber – Show Boat
May 30: Martin Amis – The Rub Of Time: Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump: Essays And Reportage, 1994 – 2017

June 8: Kingsley Amis – Lucky Jim
June 19: Walter Havighurst – Voices On The River: The Story Of The Mississippi Waterways
June 29: Kingsley Amis – Jake's Thing

July 7: Elmore Leonard – Get Shorty
July 12: Stewart Lee Allen – The Devil's Cup: A History Of The World According to Coffee

Aug. 5: Walter Isaacson – Benjamin Franklin: An American Life
Aug. 7: Henry Freeman – American Revolution: A History From Beginning To End
Aug. 13: Elmore Leonard – Rum Punch
Aug. 23: Jonas Jonasson – The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared

Sept. 5: Hugh Bicheno – Rebels & Redcoats: The American Revolutionary War
Sept. 14: Elmore Leonard – Be Cool
Sept. 21: William Hjortsberg – Falling Angel

Oct. 10: Elmore Leonard – LaBrava
Oct. 15: Lillian de la Torre – The Exploits of Dr. Sam: Johnson, Detector
Oct. 23: Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö – Murder At The Savoy

Nov. 7: Michael Palin – Erebus: The Story Of A Ship
Nov. 24: Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö – The Terrorists
Dec. 26: Michelle Obama – Becoming

And what, i hear you ask, were my favourites of the new ones? In fiction, the Jonas Jonasson was a delight but i think the nod goes to Edna Ferber: a wonderful portrait of a simpler time.

In non-fiction, Jay Farrar's book definitely deserves a nod: excellent portrait of life on the road for a working musician (he's the lead singer in Son Volt), Robyn Maynard deserves some thanks for opening my eyes to the extent that racism exists here in allegedly racism-free Canada, and Michael Palin's book was fascinating – anything to do with the Franklin Expedition interests me.

Non-fiction book of the year, though: Michelle Obama's “Becoming.” No, really. It's so completely different to anything i would normally read and it was wonderful. I don't like politics, but then, neither does she, so we got along just fine. She's an extraordinary woman. And her husband's not a bad guy, either!

I definitely have to give a raspberry to Hugh Bicheno's book about the American Revolution, though: not only was it a disorganised mess, but he let his own prejudices show through. He loathes two of my favourite people from that era -- Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin -- but he's wrong. Jefferson did not sexually abuse his female slaves (having slaves was the norm back then, sad to say). (Jefferson didn't like the system but didn't know how to end it.) He had a long-term relationship with one of them -- Sally Heming -- and they had several children together and he would have married her if it had been allowed.

And Benjamin Franklin -- who did for electricity what Newton did for gravity -- was not a "dirty old man." He was playful and he had a lot of young female friends, but his flirting with them was never "with intent".

Monday, 31 December 2018


Quotation du jour ~ Hoda Kotb: I love music. For me, music is morning coffee. It's mood medicine. It's pure magic. A good song is like a good meal-I just want to inhale it and then share a bite with someone else.

[As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here and i have to connect via a VPN, to spoof a non-Canadian address. This week, according to i was listening from Toronto! Well, obviously that wouldn't have worked, so i disconnected from and reconnected to my VPN and – whoosh! -- i was in Clifton, New Jersey, where i've been several times.]

I was on my way to awarding this week's rather disappointing installment a “mere” B+ but then Uman played that awful tripe by Aphrodite's Child and that torpedoed it down to a B. But all was not lost – later, he played Mama's Pride and that nudged it northwards to an A minus -- and it wasn't even one of my favourite songs of theirs but it's always great to hear Pat Liston's voice. The Wishbone Ash and Thin Lizzy tracks helped, too. (The Liston brothers have a new album out but, as of this writing, it is only available through their website and they don't ship to Canada. Bummer!)

In truth, there was nothing actually wrong with this morning's show (apart from Aphrodite's Child), but there wasn't much that was great about it, either. A lot of music i like, for sure, but not much that i can honestly say i love and a lot that was merely all rigttht.

And there's The Marshall Tucker Band. Ugly bunch, really, but very pretty music.


The Marshall Tucker Band – Heard It In A Love Song
Poco – You Better Think Twice
Joe Walsh – Indian Summer
Lake – On The Run
King Crimson – The Court Of The Crimson King
Rod Stewart – Gasoline Alley
Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina – Nobody But You
Deep Purple – Burn
Leon Russell – Stranger In A Strange Land
Nite City – Summer Eyes
Dave Mason – So High (Rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away)
The Electric Light Orchestra – Sweet Talkin' Woman
The Spencer Davis Group – I'm A Man
Heart – Little Queen
The Little River Band – It's A Long Way There
Phantom, Rocker And Slick – Men Without Shame
The Grateful Dead – One More Saturday Night
Jackson Browne – Hold Out
The Little River Band – Cool Change
Frank Marino – Strange Dreams
Badfinger – No Matter What
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Spaceship Orion
Billy Joel – Captain Jack
Aphrodite's Child – Loud Loud Loud / 4 Horsemen
Paice Ashton Lord – Remember The Good Times
Rainbow – Stone Cold
The Babys – Looking For Love
Mama's Pride – She's A Stranger To Me Now
Roger Daltrey – One Man Band
Thin Lizzy – Don't Believe A Word
Wishbone Ash – Blowin' Free
The Allman Brothers Band – Jessica
Elton John – Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
Blue Őyster Cult -- Take Me Away
Steely Dan -- Pretzel Logic
Paul Collins & The Beat -- On The Highway

In my own personal playlist, as you can see, the rot set in early in the week: Christmas music. I soon got over it, though....

Joan Osborne – Christmas Means Love
Spiers & Boden – Tunes
Jane Siberry – Shushan The Palace (Hymns Of Earth)
The Albion Christmas Band – Under The Christmas Tree
Donovan – What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid
Shirley Collins And The Albion Country Band – No Roses
Loreena McKennitt – A Winter Garden
Paul Simon – The Rhythm Of The Saints
Sharon Shannon – Sacred Earth
Amy Grant – A Christmas Album
Keith Emerson – The Christmas Album
The Eagles – Their Greatest Hits
The Albion Band – Another Christmas Present From The Albion Band
Dan Fogelberg – The First Christmas Morning
Phil Pickett w. Richard Thompson et al. -- The Bones Of All Men
The Bothy Band – Old Hag You Have Killed Me
The Chieftains – The Bells Of Dublin
Enya – And Winter Came
Renaissance – A Song For All Seasons
Jon Anderson – Olias Of Sunhillow
The Beatles – Yellow Submarine
Neverending Bright Lights – Act I: Goodbye Friends Of The Heavenly Bodies
Camel – Breathless
Jethro Tull – Stormwatch
Five Hand Reel – Five Hand Reel
Matchbox Twenty – Mad Season
Pink – Try This
Bob Dylan -- Bob Dylan
Jack Bruce – Silver Rails
Martin Carthy – Crown Of Horn
Arkells – Michigan Left
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Superstition
Paula Cole -- Harbinger

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Year In Radio, 2018

Time to start the year-end wrap up. Over the next week or so i'll be blethering about my favourite books, CDs and movies of 2018

My year in radio was based, naturally, on the stations i listen to, and by far the station i listened to the most – and therefore my Radio Station Of The Year – was Radio Paradise ( (They're based somewhere in Southern California but originated in, and are named after, Paradise, California – a town which, you may recall, was virtually destroyed by wildfires not that long ago.

The playlist is eclectic if nothing else. Here's what they played for two hours on Christmas morning:

Zola Blood – Play Out
Remy Zero – Hermes Bird
R.E.M. -- Belong
Counting Crows – Anna Begins
Sonic Youth – New Hampshire
Dire Straits – Single-Handed Sailor
Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban – La Luna En Tu Mirada
Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Coming Home)
Oi Va Voi – Yuri
Creedence Clearwater Revival – It Came Out Of The Sky
Kesha – Spaceship
Mark Vidler – Rapture Riders
Shpongle – The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla
Eddie Vedder – Rise
Neil Young – Old Man
Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?
The Clash – Clampdown
Githead – Take Off
Glen Hansard – Don't Leave Me Waiting
James McMurtry – Off And Running
Tom Petty – It's Good To Be King
Elephant Stone – A Silent Moment
Dar Williams – Mercy Of The Fallen
Patti Smith – Because The Night

Quite a few performers there i've never heard anywhere else, but only one song i truly couldn't stand: The Smiths. Ugh, Morrissey.... Otherwise all very enjoyable.

The station is commercial-free and listener-supported, in fact i contribute $10 (U.S.) every month and i think it's well worth it.

The station i listen to the most otherwise is KSHE from St Louis (, but i only listen for four hours a week now. I used to listen more often, but early in the year Emmis Communications sold the station to Hubbard Broadcasting and things went downhill almost immediately. I can't listen for more than about thirty minutes anymore, before they play something i hate (like KISS, Aerosmith or REO Speedwagon) – their playlist used to be much wider – and they let go their overnight deejay and my Facebook friend Tommy T. I used to listen to his show every day.

Now i only listen to their Sunday morning Klassics Show – about which i blog every week, of course. Four hours of mostly wonderful classic rock that's rarely played elsewhere. It is the highlight of my week and it's my Radio Program Of The Year for sure.

There are only a couple of other stations i ever listen to: KOCI from Newport Beach California, and KCLC from St Charles Missouri and they're both all right, KOCI plays a lot of blues-rock along with classic rock and KCLC plays mostly classic rock – the usual suspects but with quite a few surprises -- but, like most stations nowadays they're all automated overnight and technical screw-ups are rife. A song will start and end abruptly so that another song can play and then the first song will start again. It's very disconcerting.

Finally, my favourite Estonian deejay of the year is Maie Pauts, but as i never listen to her station any more, i don't think i can give her an award. Sorry, Maie!

Sunday, 23 December 2018


Quotation du jour ~ Joan Osborne: There's so many different ways humans have used music to express the spiritual part of our nature and to connect us with the divine. So for me the pathway is through music."

[As you may or may not know, i live in Canada, and for some reason KSHE doesn't stream their audio to here and i have to connect via a VPN, to spoof a non-Canadian address. This week, according to i was listening from San Francisco again.]

So, is everyone ready for Christmas? No? Poor you. Good luck at The Mall on Christmas Eve. I've been ready for a couple of weeks, but i had to go to The Mall on Saturday, just to pick up my other medicine at the liquor store and even the parking lot was insane – i was nearly run over three times. Fortunately i pay attention to my surroundings when i walk, unlike so many drivers when they're behind the wheel.

The Klassics Show is not, as you may know, broadcast live. John Ulett pre-records it for re-broadcast on Sunday mornings and occasionally there are screw-ups in the automated system. Today, for instance, KSHE's home page indicated that they were playing “Natural Science” by Rush when in fact they were playing The Who, and they were playing Patti Smith when the home page said Pink Floyd (who were played right after Patti), and when John announced the Bloodrock song, a commercial break came on instead and the song was played after it. There were other instances, too.

It's probably unfair to penalize the show because of technical glitches, but they're not the only reason i'm only giving this week's instalment a B+ -- there were for sure a few songs i can honestly say i love and a lot of great music but also a lot of mediocre schtuff, plus one utterly obnoxious piece of shit by Ted Nugent. I don't like the man or his music but his song -- about a hunter who laments the fact that the spirit of Fred Bear isn't walking alongside him, is egregious. Well, maybe you shouldn't have just blown his brains out with a high-powered rifle, arsehole.

Happy Christmas, dear reader!

Jefferson Starship – Can't Find Love
Elton John – Harmony
The Electric Light Orchestra – Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
Supertramp – Hide In Your Shell
Eric Clapton – The Core
The Who – Getting In Tune
Bloodrock – Kool-Aid Kids
Billy Joel – Prelude / Angry Young Man
The Michael Stanley Band – One Good Reason
Joe Vitale – Lady On The Rock
Ted Nugent – Fred Bear
Jackson Browne – That Girl Could Sing
Eddie Money – No Control
The Charlie Daniels Band – Trudy
Pete Townshend – Pure And Easy
The Marshall Tucker Band – This Ol' Cowboy
Atlanta Rhythm Section – Crazy
Patti Smith – Because The Night
Pink Floyd – Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Badfinger – Perfection
Trooper – It's Been A Long Time
Blue Öyster Cult – Godzilla
Journey – Still They Ride
Steve Winwood – Don't You Know What The Night Can Do
.38 Special – Back Where You Belong
Little Feat – Feets Don't Fail Me Now
Grizzly – China Lake
Yes – Siberian Khatru
Crosby, Stills & Nash – Dark Star
Z.Z. Top – Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers
Iain Matthews – Lonely Hunter

And, yes, the rot set in: i played a lot of Christmassy music this week:

Runrig -- Mara
Pyewackett – Pyewackett
Rié Yanagisiwa & Clive Bell – Kurokami: Traditional Music Of Japan
The Who – Odds & Sods
The Baltimore Consort – Bright Day Star: Music For The Yuletide Season
The Albion Christmas Band – Under The Christmas Tree
Afro Celt Sound System – Flight
Renaissance – A Song For All Seasons
Brian Plummer – No Questions
Caro Emerald – Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor
Atlanta Rhythm Section – ARS: The Best of Atlanta Rhythm Section
The Who – Quadrophenia
Amy Grant – Home For Christmas
Dead Can Dance – Toward The Within
Marillion – A Collection Of Recycled Gifts
Kate Rusby – Hourglass
Loreena McKennitt – The Visit
Kim Mitchell – Ain't Life Amazing
Dan Fogelberg – Souvenirs
Jethro Tull – The Christmas Album
Kirsty MacColl – Galore
Ray Davies – Return To Waterloo
Sheryl Crow – Feels Like Home
Various Artists – Blue Christmas
Various Artists – The Best Of The Blues
Colin James & The Little Big Band – Christmas
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – I Believe In Father Christmas (EP)
The Albion Christmas Band – Snow On Snow
Annie Haslam – Annie In Wonderland