Tuesday, 28 July 2009


A lot has happened since my last post, folks.

I had a perfectly miserable day at the shoppe on Friday. It was a mess from the moment i arrived, thanks to last night's shift doing almost nothing that they were supposed to i was behind schedule immediately. And then, when i went to hose down a greasy floor, i discovered that they had broken the nozzle on the hose.
I deduced the fact that the nozzle had been broken by the fact that i was drenched, literally head to toe, by the 170 degree water that shot back at me when i tried to use it.
So there i am, at 8 a.m., soaking wet and behind schedule and guess what? There's a waitresses' meeting and i'm (i'm told) expected to bake some cinnamon buns for them. Grrrr! Can't they bake their own $#%@ cinnamon buns? I have a kitchen to open!!!! Well, evidently not -- it's far too difficult to pop a baking tray into a convection oven for ten minutes.... And they didn't even offer me one.
At 10.45 Daughtry's song "Home" came on the Muzak system, a song that resonates for me; i found an isolated corner and i sat down and i wept. Really. Real tears. (Fortunately no one saw me.) How did my life get to be this horrible?
And after work, i went to the animal shelter ... and found someone to bond with.
Most of the cats ignored me; a couple actually hissed at me. But one put her paw out of her cage and touched my finger: a very young grey and white beauty, such a recent addition to the shelter that she hadn't even been examined or given her shots yet. So they gave me the application forms and i submitted them on Saturday.

I can only describe this as being absolutely necessary. The wound in my heart was festering and i was becoming more and more withdrawn. I think that, since Watson died, i've been to bed sober maybe three times. Bad, bad, bad me.

Sarah from the Animal Shelter phoned me today. She's the first person i've spoken to who actually knew something about Cate -- presumably because she (Cate) was such a new arrival no one i spoke with earlier had seen her file. And Cate's name is "Missy." Ha! Well, not anymore it isn't, how unimaginative! Anyway, my application was approved, but there's a problem that she (Sarah) wanted me to be aware of. Nothing ever seems unproblematic for me. Must be bad Karma or something, i dunno.
The reason that Cate had been put into the shelter was, she came from a multi-cat household, she would pee everywhere, and her owners couldn't cope. Now that she's at the shelter, whenever she's out of her cage, she will pee everywhere. Sarah says that, most likely, Cate is nervous around other cats and that spaying her and moving into an environment where she's the sole attraction, will end the problem. She (Sarah) spoke to the manager of the Shelter and he agreed, but they wanted to let me know and ask if i still wanted to go ahead with the adoption. And, they tell me, she (Cate) is a perfectly wonderful cat otherwise.
Well, of course i said yes!
I also found out that it won't be until sometime next week until i can bring her home :o(
And that on top of the $125 adoption fee there's a $30 licence fee which i hadn't budgeted for. It's not a problem, it's just a surprise and means i'll have to skip my next couple of visits to Kelsey's Pub. They'll wonder where i am!

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