Friday, 16 October 2009


I am now officially "on holiday" -- for nine whole days. Woo hoo, etc.

I'm actually entitled to five weeks a year but i rarely take more than two or three: a week in the spring, another in the autumn (like now) (and it is autumn, not "fall", goddamit!) and then a few days at Christmas.

It would be different if i could afford to go away anywhere....

And it's not like i need a rest from work. Heck, i've been doing the same thing for twenty years, it's not work at all, i can do it in my sleep (yawn).

What i do need a rest from, though, is the negative vibrations exuded by some of my colleagues. The most difficult part of my job is the absence of professionalism on the part of the nincompoops i have to put up with daily. No, really. Their negativity (i hesitate to call it malignancy) sucks the life out of me.

And no, i'm not going to say where i work: i've heard too many stories about bloggers being fired for posting comments that didn't paint their workplaces as ergonomic heavens.

Oh, and i watched this last night.

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