Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rod Stewart And The Collapse Of Western Civilisation

I've been a fan of Rod Stewart's forever -- or, at least since the late 60's. I have loved his work with Jeff Beck, with The Faces, and solo, and thus i am saddened to report that his most recent album, "Soulbook," stinks.

This shouldn't really surprise me -- most of his recent albums have been utterly boring, but i have a certain loyalty, and every album with the possible exception of "Still The Same" from a coupla years ago have had at least one redeeming tune which reminded me why i loved the guy in the first place -- yes, even the atrocious 4 volume "Great American Songbook" series.

I hate to be cynical (no i don't! i relish cynicism!) but isn't it also odd how his albums always come out just before Christmas?

He should never have left The Jeff Beck Group....

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