Saturday, 17 July 2010

Working For A Living

Quote of the day: Mikhail Bulgakov: He looked slightly over forty. Crooked sort of mouth. Clean-shaven. Dark hair. Right eye black, left eye for some reason green. Eyebrows black, but one higher than the other.  In short -- a foreigner

Oh,  i am so glad i have tomorrow off.  I just did twelve days straight and it's been damned hot in that kitchen (as you know, i, for my sins, make my living as a cook -- when it's 30° outside it's generally ten degrees warmer in the kitchen and i go outside to cool down).

But here's something that has annoyed me for a long time about my job.  It's policy that if one works seven days in a single calendar week, i.e. Monday - Sunday, one is paid time-and-a-half on the seventh day.  But i've just worked twelve days -- six last week, six this week, and what do i get extra? Nada, rien and  zilch. 

Besides hypertension and cirrhosis, of course....

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