Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I Am Going To Shoot Myself

I could just spit.  No, really.

All of these hassles i've been having with my Internet connection lately have really depressed me, solitary loser that i am, spending most of my leisure time online...  I called my ISP's tech support last night and explained that my connection zoomed along superbly on my new laptop and they basically said, ok, that means it's your desktop PC that's the problem, and nothing to do with us, so eff off and leave us in peace, gorblimey.  Very nice.

I was quite dismayed.

This morning, i couldn't even get on to (my favourite radio station) -- the connection kept timing out :o(

And then i had a light bulb moment.  Eureka! i said, in English.  What would happen if i (temporarily) disabled my firewall?  And (man of action that i am) i did, and....

All is now back to normal.  That "clunk" you just heard was the sound of my head hitting the desk in frustration.

So i uninstalled the Comodo firewall altogether (Comodo updates itself and evidently a recent update caused all of these problems) and installed Online Armor to replace it -- it seems fine, but a question is raised.  Why did i have to solve this problem for myself?  Why didn't those people at tech support suggest it in the first place?  They make heaps more money than i (a lowly cook) (oh, sorry, rotisserie chef is my new title) do, aren't they supposed to know these things?

Or is it really such an inexact science?

Anyway, GTG, must catch up on about two weeks' worth of work....

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