Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary...

Ah, at last, a day off.

3.30 a.m., woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb.... Well actually, no i didn't. I'm not certain but i don't think i even own a comb. And 3.30 is not an unusual time for me to get up – the early morning with its peace 'n' quiet is my favourite time of the day "The innocence and purity of a new-born day," as The Nice put it.

And i spent about six hours listening to my favourite radio station online, 94.9 The Rock (Craig Robertson mentioned my name on-air, i'm famous in The Rock Nation – as the listeners' club is called) (famous as being the only listener in Stratford, la la) and, unlike a couple of weeks ago, my Internet connection was rock-solid (if you'll excuse the inadvertent pun).

However, once again, i'm spending a part of my leisure time dealing with, or trying to, a compooter problemo: i can't compose e-mails in Thunderbird! When i click on "Write" the message pane shows up all right, but there's no insertion point. Maybe re-booting will solve this...?

Later: it didn't. Grrr..... Now i've just spent a good hour trying to fix this. God, i hate technology (but i'm addicted to it).

Later still: ok, i reverted to an earlier version of Thunderbird, and all now seems back to what we laughingly call "normal" around here.

Breakfast!  Sausage, onions and cheese on a kaiser.  Magic.

Scrubbed Cate's litterbox. Who sez i'm lazy?

Just had the plumber in – my kitchen tap was starting to spray water all over the place. Well, it's nice that the building manager dealt with the problem so rapidly, i was impressed

Today's playlist:

Kate Rusby – "Make The Light"
Fairport Convention – "Full House"
The Goon Show – "The Phantom Head-Shaver Of Brighton"
Radiohead – "Towering Above The Rest, Vol. 11"
A film: "Salt" (the unrated extended version, of course!)

 (and it's super, btw)

Brian Plummer – "No Questions"
Guy Evans – "The Long Hello, Vol. IV"
The Beatles -- "Revolver"

And now it's time for dinner -- a home-made burger and, i'm sorry to say, oven fries.  No, but oven fries can be ok, as long as i don't forget they're in the oven that is.

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