Saturday, 24 March 2012

I Am Not Going To Write About Work

Quotation Of The Day: Oscar Wilde -- Work is the curse of the drinking classes

I am not going to write about my (crappy) job.  I've read too many stories about bloggers writing what they felt, and then being fired because the boss read their post(s).  My friend Jill just got fired from her job, because she wrote on Facebook about her ignoramus of a boss, and someone forwarded the post to said ignoramus.

As you may already know, i make my living as a cook (for my sins).  So i'm in a lousy job to begin with -- poor pay, hard work, terrible working conditions (always either too hot or too cold) and a benefit package that would be insulting if it weren't such a cause for hilarity.  (Yeah, at least i get something out of it: a laugh.)

And so i'm going to write a TV sitcom instead: a handsome babe magnet of a cook (no names, please!) trying to cope with hopeless kitchen manglement, insane customers, getting to work at stupid o'clock every morning and meanwhile fighting off the attentions of nubile waitresses. 

It'll all be fiction, of course. (I have to say that in case the boss reads this.)

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