Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm Engaged! (Or More Likely Not)

Quotation Of The Day ~ P.G. Wodehouse:  Nothing so surely introduces a sour note into a wedding ceremony as the abrupt disappearance of the groom in a cloud of dust.

Astonishing news from someone who has always been lousy at relationships (i.e., me) and in fact a brief preamble would be in order, but first, here's the woman: 

Her name is Andreea Raducan, and she's a well-known gymnast from Romania (so we have a lot in common LOL):

Anyway, she recently wrote a memoir entitled "Reversul  medaliei" ("The Other Side Of The Medal" -- a translation into English is coming) and there's a promo video about it and oh, look here it is:

Now, what we have here is what might be called a long story.  I have a very dear friend who lives in Romania, called Magda.  She's very much into gymnastics, and she knows Andreea.  The publishers of Andreea's book, in anticipation of the English translation, asked Magda to provide English subtitles to the official promo video.  Which she did, but she also asked me to check her English (as she lacks a little self-confidence -- unjustified, her English is as good as most of the people i work with).

(The above video, btw, is the original Romanian version, sans Magda's and my exquisite sub-titles.  For legal reasons, until the English version of the book is ready, i can't show it to you.)

Anyway, i looked at the video, changed a few minor things, and happened to remark that i thought that Andreea was one of the most beautiful women i had ever seen in my life and could very well fall madly in love....  A remark that Magda passed on to Andreea :o)  And she (Andreea) replied something along the lines of  "You just married me to a Canadian? When are we having babies?" (Let's just disregard here for a second that i'm not Canadian, i just happen to live here....)

Well, i was shocked initially, doesn't she want to kiss me first?  But, looking at the above photo and video, and at the vast number of millihelens you can measure her attractiveness in (Helen Of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships -- 1 millihelen is a face that could launch one ship), i think i could without much difficulty at all, do my duty to increase the population of Romania.....

Of course, the worst thing about this is that it's all me, fantasizing in febrile fashion.... The exchange between me and Andreea is fact, but beyond that....

I'll be buying the book nonetheless. In English.

Here's the latest playlist:

Keane -- Strangeland
Various Artists -- The World Of The Small Faces And Beyond
Joan Osborne -- Bring It On Home
Saga -- Silent Knight
Keane -- Strangeland
Joe Bonamassa -- You And Me
Ian Anderson -- Thick As A Brick 2
Players -- Players
Blind Faith -- Blind Faith deluxe edition, disc 2
Birth Control -- Backdoor Possibilities
"Barry Lyndon" (original soundtrack album)
Colin James -- Bad Habits
Joan Osborne -- Bring It On Home
Kathryn Tickell -- Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical
Memphis Minnie -- Crazy Crying Blues
Elvis Costello -- Armed Forces
Florence & The Machine -- MTV Unplugged
Focus -- Hamburger Concerto
Jon & Vangelis -- Page Of Life
The Jimi Hendrix Experience -- Axis: Bold As Love
Marillion --
George Harrison -- Early Takes Vol. 1
Keane -- Strangeland
Pete Hammill -- X My Heart
Rory Gallagher -- Calling Card
The Byrds -- The Notorious Byrd Brothers
George Harrison -- Early Takes, Vol. 1
Mike Oldfield -- The Songs Of Distant Earth
Tyrannosaurus Rex -- Prophets Seers and Sages, The Angels Of The Ages
Big Country -- The Best Of Big Country
Runrig -- The Highland Connection


anymusicmania said...

Hope I'm invited to the wedding. She, indeed is a beauty. :-)

Freg said...

You will be invited!

She is quite possibly the most beautiful woman i've ever seen ... well, apart from you, that is!

Anonymous said...

Are they really going to translate the book into English (which hopefully means selling it in the states)? I am a huge fan of her since I saw her in Sydney back in 2000. I am glad she wrote a book about her story. To me, she is always the winner and champion from those games. I really want this book so bad!