Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I'm Not Paranoid, There Really IS A Conspiracy....

Quotation Of The Day: Ian Rankin ~ The freeway system around Los Angeles was like a joke God was playing on the human brain.

And so, after my refreshing and corroborative week off, i have just worked eight days straight.  Those eight days included two 5 a.m. starts and those are brutal, they're like my penance for the sins of a previous life.  And i'm bewildered, or at least bemused, too.  I keep thinking that, in a normal week, i'm supposed to work five-and-a-half shifts.  The half shift never seems to happen, though....  I think i had one in January, one in March....

All recuperative benefits of the week off are now up the spout, and, because i've spent so much time at the beanery i have screwed up two major projects and will now be filing my 2011 tax return a day late, grrr...

Well, i do have one major consolation, and here 'tis:

Nothing much else to write about today....

Here's last week's playlist:

The Dixie Chicks -- Wide Open Spaces
My Chemical Romance -- The Black Parade
Blue Light Rain -- Jazz Is Dead
Jane Siberry -- Meschach Dreams Back
Ofra Haza -- Shirey Teyman
Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresize -- Cilla And Artie
 Milla Jovovich -- The Divine Comedy
 Coldplay -- A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Happy Rhodes -- Ecto
Kirsty MacColl -- Titanic Days
 Seether -- Karma And Effect
The Keef Hartley Band -- Halfbreed
 Ian Anderson -- Thick As A Brick 2
Rob Hyman -- Largo
 Humble Pie -- Performance; Rockin'The Fillmore
Max Webster -- The Best Of Max Webster
 Runrig -- The Cutter And The Clan
 The Albion Dance Band -- The Prospect Before Us
The Beatles -- Rubber Soul
 Big Wreck -- Albatross
  Brand X -- Product

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