Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Oh, And Did I Mention...?

Quotation of the day: Ernest Hemingway ~ The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in shock-proof shit-detector.

1. Poor working conditions (always either too hot or too cold)
2. Stress (i may have mentioned stress)
3. A paycheque that's hardly worth getting out of bed for (i haven't had a raise in five or six years, meanwhile all the bills go up and up)
4. A benefit package that leaves a lot to be desired.  OK, i admit, a lot of restaurants offer no benefits whatever and mine is at least pretty good on dental insurance -- nothing else though!
5. Co-workers whose knuckles are all scraped from walking -- not all of them, obviously, but i have to suffer some real Neanderthals.

Let 'em read this and fire me, i'm too old for this shit.

And just to cheer myself up, here's another pic of my potential fiancee Andreea:

Dream on...

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