Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Quotation Of The Day ~ William Shakespeare: There's neither honesty, manhood nor good fellowship in thee

When i bought my first PC and came online, this was back in the days of Windows 95, one of the first Internet forums (fora?) i joined was devoted to the Music of ABBA.  (And i'm not going to apologise for my love of ABBA.)  And one of the first people i met on this group and became friends with was a woman from Australia called Roo.

(Even though that particular forum no longer exists, i made some very good friends there.)

Anyway, Roo.  She and i have become quite solid over the years and i've watched her kids grow up and one of her daughters, Kim (a.k.a. Kimba) is the subject of this post.

Kim was recently the victim of a horrific incident of road rage, and here's the news report:

This makes me weep, i can't possibly imagine the effect it had on poor Kim & her family.

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