Friday, 27 July 2012

Radio Radio

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G' Day, all ~

At the risk of boring you all even further on this subject, my radio station situation has settled down after several upsetting weeks.   The changes that took place at 94.9 The Rock recently had me really upset, which is probably pretty foolish  ("probably?" says Cate) (who only ever listens to anyway).

But i've pretty much found a new routine and i'm a slave to my routines.  So here 'tis:

I'm still listening to 94.9 The Rock, but only to the morning programme, weekdays

 If i'm listening at bedtime, in need of something very light that will ease my chronic insomnia, i'll stream 97.7 The Beach, from Wasaga Beach.  Honestly, there are a million easy listening stations around the world that would do the same job; i have opted for The Beach because Rod West -- who was ousted from The Rock when their changes began -- works there now.

At any other time, it's Hauraki for me.  A fabulous selection of music, rock both classic and new.  As they broadcast from Auckland New Zealand  (pictured right) they're not much good for local news 'n' weather, but other sources for that sort of quotidian info are legion.

 Oh, and as i know your interest is boundless, here's the Playlist:

Soft Machine -- Third
Yes -- The Yes Album
Ofra Haza -- Miscellaneous Songs
Sparks -- Kimono My House
Peter Hammill -- Consequences
Jane Siberry -- Maria
Mike Rutherford -- Smallcreep's Day
Wishbone Ash -- Winterland 1976
The Band -- Music From Big Pink
Kim Mitchell -- Greatest Hits
Steve Howe -- The Steve Howe Album
Humble Pie -- Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore
Freddie King -- Live at Fillmore West
Jethro Tull -- A Passion Play
John Miles -- Stranger In The City
Seether -- One Cold Night
City Boy -- Book Early
Martin Carthy -- Sweet Wivelsfield
Florence & The Machine -- Ceremonials 

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