Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pippi Longstocking / CD Collection

Quotation Of The Day ~ Astrid Lindgren: "But nightshirts aren't dangerous," Pippi assured her. "They don't bite anybody except in self defense.”

Ah, yes, Pippi Longstocking. What a character! I just finished reading the third book in the series and i wish there were more.

Otherwise i have nothing much to write about so i'll just add the latest in my CD collection:

And, of course, the playlist:

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out
Thin Lizzy - Black Rose - A Rock Legend
Richard Thompson - Electric
The Kinks - Everybody's In Showbiz
Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again
Saga - Full Circle
Iron & Wine - Woman King
Happy The Man - Happy The Man
King Crimson - Thrak
Van der Graaf Generator - Maida Vale
Jethro Tull - Pasadena 1977 (bootleg)
Dick Gaughan - Live In Edinburgh
Ofra Haza - The Governess
Rockpile - Live
Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets
Jan Akkerman - Live
Wishbone Ash - Here To Hear
King Crimson - The Night Watch
Maggie Reilly - Rowan

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