Friday, 1 November 2013

Back To St Louis

Well, okay, now that my interest in Tami Erin (see has waned, we can now return to my other current fascination -- the city of St. Louis, Missouri.

And what a beautiful city it would seem to be!

I  have an affinity for the place, and i realise that this began when i started listening online to the radio station K-SHE from there virtually every day. But occasionally i also listen to radio stations from Kingston, Ontario and Auckland New Zealand, and i haven't been busy researching airfares to those places. In fact i'm beginning to think that, in a previous life, i may have been a Saint Louisan.

Now, here's the thing. In my previous post, i wrote that, evidently, St Louis has a high crime rate. This turns out not to be true at all

It's like Toronto. The G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area) has a very high crime rate, but the city of Toronto is a relatively small part of the G.T.A., and has a low crime rate. The Jane-Finch corridor, however (northwestern part and well outside the city itself) is a war zone.

Anyway, back to the subject.... I'm not a baseball fan at all but in the World Series, it was St Louis vs. Boston and i was wrapped up in it. Some seat-gripping moments there! Well, okay, the Cardinals lost (to, as John Ulett called them, the "Beantown Beardies") and i was disappointed, but maybe the St Louis Blues will do better in hockey.


Anonymous said...

there is a reason this city is calling to you. Go!

Freg said...

I can't find a flight that i can afford! The cheapest one i've found was nearly $500 (from Toronto -- and i have to pay $80 to get there by train...)(return ticket, that is -- well, i have to get back, too). The flight had two stops and its duration was well over six hours. Imagine me stuck in an aircraft for six hours, unable to smoke.

A non-stop flight (from Toronto) -- 2 hours -- was around $1400. So, maybe i should start buying lottery tickets?

Anonymous said...

Look for flights out of Detroit. Huge savings and you can get to Detroit for the same price as you can get to Toronto.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Update your picture. You're not 45 anymore.