Monday, 22 May 2017

The KSHE Klassics Show, May 21st, 2017

Quotation du jour ~ Bob Dylan: The radio makes hideous sounds. 

(For a Nobel Prize winner, Mr Dylan sure has said some dumb shit: today's show was excellent.)

I said two weeks ago that i would be unable to post the playlist for last week, because last Sunday was Mother's Day -- the busiest day of the year in my business -- and i had to work. I was able to listen for about an hour, on my 'phone, but it's such a noisy place it was hardly worth the effort. Or the data. (My work's wi-fi is utter crap and i couldn't connect to the network. I wound up using almost half of my month's data allowance.) (Apparently none of my tech-savvy manglement team knows how to re-boot a router!) I certainly couldn't create a playlist -- although Uman did play Dan Fogelberg's "As The Raven Flies," which made me wish i was at home with a beer and a sausage samwidge. I can't even remember anything else he played.

But here's what he played today:

Russ Ballard -- Rene Didn't Do It

Oh, look, there's Russ Ballard himself. A fairly recent pic, i think. He was the singer in Argent and wrote one of the most dire songs ever, "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You" -- i find that most songs written since about 1971 that have the expression "rock 'n' roll" in their titles, have little relation to the genre.

Nantucket -- California
Steve Hackett -- Narnia
Emerson, Lake & Palmer -- From The Beginning
Dickie Betts -- Hand Picked
Chicago -- 25 Or 6 To 4 (live)
The Firm -- Radioactive
Strawbs -- Keep On Trying
Badfinger -- No Matter What
Bruce Springsteen -- Kitty's Back
Journey -- The Girl Can't Help It
Spirit -- Nature's Way
Ambrosia -- Life Beyond L.A.
The Hooters -- All You Zombies
Point Blank -- Nicole
The Animals -- It's My Life
Electric Light Orchestra -- Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
Mistress -- China Lake
Dave Mason -- Let It Go, Let It Flow
Dan Fogelberg -- Part Of The Plan
The Moody Blues -- The Story In Your Eyes
Roxy Music -- Love Is The Drug
The Steve Miller Band -- Space Cowboy
UFO -- Only You Can Rock Me
Genesis -- Eleventh Earl Of Mar
The Stabilizers -- One Simple Thing
Yes -- Time And A Word
Graham Parker -- White Honey
Pat Travers -- Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
Supertramp -- Crime Of The Century
Jerry Garcia -- Sugaree
Mama's Pride -- Merry-Go-Round
Santana -- Samba Pa Ti
Rory Gallagher -- Brute Force And Ignorance
Heartsfield -- Racin' The Sun

And my own playlist for this week:

Ray Davies – Americana
Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle
Rory Gallagher – Top Priority
Paula Cole – This Bright Red Feeling
Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Axis: Bold As Love
Chuck Berry – The Great Twenty-Eight
Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn
Caro Emerald – Emerald Island
Florence + The Machine – Lungs
Mark Hollis – Mark Hollis
Saga – Images At Twilight
David Bowie – Hunky Dory
Brian Plummer – No Questions
The Kinks – Everybody's In Show-Biz
Sheryl Crow – Be Myself
Laurie Anderson – Bright Red
The Yardbirds – Greatest Hits
The Who – Odds & Sods
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bayou Country
The Allman Brothers Band – Beginnings
Home – The Alchemist
Lucinda Williams – Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
The Beatles – Beatles For Sale
Arkells – Jackson Square
Dan Fogelberg – The Wild Places
Runrig – The Big Wheel
Figgy Duff – A Retrospective 1974-1993
Caro Emerald – In Concert (DVD)
Ashley Hutchings – 5
Propaganda – A Secret Wish
Jane Siberry – Ulysses' Purse
Procol Harum – Home
Max Webster – High Class In Borrowed Shoes

Sunday, 7 May 2017

KSHE Klassics, May 7th, 2017

Quotation du jour: Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Happy is the hearing man; unhappy the speaking man.

As my regular reader will have noticed, i did not post the playlist last week. Tech problems again, but for once, they weren't local. KSHE's audio stream must have been down -- i couldn't open it with my laptop, phone or iPad. It was fine the next day: i was able to listen to The Rock Magazine with no difficulty. So i don't know what happened on Sunday, it was very disappointing. I listened to Radio Paradise for most of the morning instead and heard some darned good music but it wasn't the same....

Radio Paradise, as you may or may not know, is commercial free and listener supported, and i am now a supporter. I have -- what's the word i'm looking for? Not "donated," they're not a charity. I have given them money once or twice but have just made arrangements to give them a monthly, um, er, support-type payment. I won't say how much -- not a lot but over the course of a year it should help. I felt i had to -- after all, they did, among other things, introduce me to my current musical obsession, Caro Emerald (, look, here's Caro:

On to this morning's program.

My router died yesterday and my laptop crashed twice before the show began -- the usual netio.sys failure -- but apart from a browser crash a few minutes into the show, which was easily fixed, i was able to listen uninterrupted and it really is the highlight of my week -- especially as work has become so depressing and i've virtually stopped going out for a beer at the end of my shift there. Not that i've become abstemious or anyfink -- god no -- but really, the only pub i want to go to, Bentley's, is a twenty-minute walk and the weather has just been so cold and rainy....

Oh, and i should warn you in advance: i won't be able to post a playlist next week. Next Sunday is Mother's Day, the busiest day of the year in the food poisoning industry, and i'll be working. I'll try to listen to at least some of the show on my phone, but i won't be able to compile a playlist.

Here's today's, and here's Heartsfield, a scruffy looking bunch:

Heartsfield -- House Of Living
Billy Joel -- Root Beer Rag
Beat -- Don't Wait Up For Me Tonight
Aerosmith -- Big Ten Inch Record
Derek & The Dominos -- Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
Automatic Man -- My Pearl
Uriah Heep -- Stealin'
John Mellencamp -- Thundering Hearts
Badfinger -- Baby Blue
Justin Hayward -- Forever Autumn
Todd Rundgren -- We Gotta Get You A Woman
Peter Frampton -- Lines On My Face
Graham Nash -- Chicago / We Can Change The World
Sweet -- Love Is Like Oxygen
Les Dudek -- City Magic
Atlanta Rhythm Section -- Champagne Jam
Mott The Hoople -- All The Young Dudes
Steve Miller -- The Stake
REO Speedwagon -- Music Man (live)
Couchois -- Do It In Darkness
Michael Stanley -- He Can't Love You
Little River Band -- It's Not A Wonder
George Harrison -- What Is Life
The Glass Moon -- Killer At 25
Leon Russell -- Stranger In A Strange Land
Off Broadway -- Stay In Time
Jefferson Starship -- Play On Love
Wet Willie -- No No No
Chicago -- I'm A Man
Roger Daltrey -- Say It Ain't So, Joe
Nazareth -- This Flight Tonight
Triumvirat -- March To The Eternal City
Bob Welch -- Sentimental Lady
UFO -- Rock Bottom
The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver -- (I Don't Want To Love You But) You Got me Anyway
Rod Stewart -- Hot Legs
Flash & The Pan -- Down Among The Dead Men
The Greg Kihn Band -- Jeopardy
Jo Jo Gunne -- Run Run Run
Queen -- I Want It All
John Kay -- Easy Evil
Judas Priest -- The Ripper

And the CDs i listened to this week:

Caro Emerald – The Shocking Miss Emerald
Peter Gabriel – Passion
Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands
Marc Cohn – Marc Cohn
The Quintet – Jazz At Massey Hall
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra
Saga –  Full Circle
Runrig – In Search Of Angels
The Pretty Things – The EP Collection
Bonnie Raitt – Give It Up
Rival Sons – Pressure & Time
Mark Knopfler – Shangri-La
FM – Black Noise
Genesis – Nursery Cryme
Donovan – What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid
10 c.c. – How Dare You!
Garmarna – Guds Spelemän
Various Artists – A Little On The CD Side, Vol. 5
Roxy Music – The Early Years
Rob Hyman – Largo
Sparks – Kimono My House
Jethro Tull – A Passion Play
Humble Pie – Classics Volume 14
Counting Crows – August And Everything After
Paul Simon – Stranger To Stranger
Caro Emerald – The Shocking Miss Emerald Acoustic Sessions
Ten Years After – Live At Reading
Buffalo Tom – Big Red Letter Day
P.J. Harvey – Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
The Cure – Greatest Hits
Fairport Convention – Rosie
Sheryl Crow – The Globe Sessions
Steeleye Span – Dodgy Bastards

Monday, 24 April 2017

KSHE Klassics Show, April 23rd, 2017

Quotation du jour: Abraham Lincoln ~ The people -- the people -- are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts -- not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.

Not a spectacular show on Sunday: no Rory for one thing, but also nothing by Jackson Browne, Billy Joel or Steely Dan, who usually appear every week. But it's still the best show on radio (that i know of). Remarkable for the fact that i was able to listen to the entire show without having any computer problems, too!

Crabby Appleton -- Go Back
The Who -- Slip Kid
J. Geils Band -- Musta Got Lost
Foghat -- Rock And Roll Outlaw
The Tubes -- Talk To Ya Later
Lake -- Paradise Way
Sherbs -- No Turning Back
Peter Frampton -- (Baby) Something's Happening
Marillion -- Kayleigh
Ambrosia -- Holdin' On To Yesterday
Lou Gramm -- Midnight Blue
J. Geils -- Whammer Jammer
Atlanta Rhythm Section -- I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight
Paul McCartney -- Smile Away
Blue Oyster Cult -- Godzilla
Moxy -- Sail On Sail Away
Eagles -- On The Border
Robert Palmer -- You're Gonna Get What's Comin'
Electric Light Orchestra -- Livin' Thing
The Doors -- The Wasp
Loverboy -- Lucky Ones
Gulliver -- Ridin' The Wind
Chris De Burgh -- Don't Pay The Ferryman
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver -- Arms Of Mary
Poucette-Dart Band -- Amensia
Jimi Hendix Experience -- Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Poco -- Rose Of Cimarron
Jefferson Starship -- Stranger
Dwight Twilley -- I'm On Fire
Bob Dylan -- All Along The Watchtower
The Little River Band -- Help Is On Its Way
Rush -- A Passage To Bangkok
Deep Purple -- Highway Star
Eric Clapton -- Mainline Florida
Grateful Dead -- Touch Of Grey
Jethro Tull -- Nothing Is Easy
Mahogany Rush -- A New Rock And Roll
Queen -- I'm In Love With My Car
Chris Rea -- Working On It
Thin Lizzy -- Romeo And The Lonely Girl
Sad Cafe -- Black Rose

And my own personal playlist for the week:

Martin Allcock – Maart
Yes –  The Yes Album
Frank Zappa – Strictly Commercial: The Best Of Frank Zappa
Steeleye Span – Bloody Men
Seether – Isolate And Medicate
Peter Hammill – The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage
Steely Dan – Countdown To Ecstasy
Various Artists – Passion Sources
Mike Oldfield – Five Miles Out
Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Heartbeats Accelerating
Home – The Alchemist
Jimi Hendrix – Blues
Florence + The Machine – Lungs
Rory Gallagher – Blueprint
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Open
Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan – In Session
Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers
Gregson & Collister – The Last Word
Dire Strairs – Brothers In Arms
Fairport Convention – Myths And Heroes
The Beatles – Abbey Road
Dan Fogelberg – The Wild Places
Caro Emerald – Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor
The Strokes – Is This It
3 Doors Down – Away From The Sun
Roy Wood Wizzo Band – Super Active Wizzo
Richard Thompson – Rumor And Sigh
Steely Dan – Aja

Monday, 17 April 2017

The KSHE Klassics Show, Apr. 16th, 2017

Quotation du jour: Keith Richards (on Chuck Berry) ~ He once gave me a black eye for daring to touch his guitar. Quite Right!!! I called it Chuck’s greatest Hit.

Some people (no names, please) have expressed a certain dubiety when i state that this radio program is consistently the highlight of my week. So, for the skeptics, here's a day-by-day breakdown of my week.

Monday: groceries and laundry, followed by a trip to the Beer Store and then an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Tuesday: Came straight home after work. Ordered a Caro Emerald CD online. Had a frozen TV dinner, and watched another episode of TBBT.

Wednesday: Can't remember Wednesday. I think i went to Quiznos for a sub, and probably watched another episode of TBBT.

Thursday: I went to Kelsey's for a couple of pints. Almost every time i go there i regret it. The service is terrible, i don't like many of the people who work there. Arrived home to find that the Caro Emerald CD i ordered on Tuesday had arrived and it's a delight from start to finish, so, okay, that was a highlight.

Friday: Good Friday spent at work, earning double-time-and-a-half. Went to Kelsey's again; regretted it again. Spaghetti & meatballs for dinner and watched the DVD of "The Sweeney." It was all right but nothing more than that.

Saturday at work was pretty easy as it was my short day. I did have a bit of a laugh at the kitchen team: four hopless individuals, it was fairly busy and they were so disorganised, crashing into each other and fighting for space, it was ludicrous. Did groceries afterwards, went to The Beer Store, ordered Domino's pizza for dinner and watched an episode of "Cheers."

I rest my case. And here's the playlist:

Krokus -- Screaming In The Night
Fleetwood Mac -- Sentimental Lady
Trevor Rabin -- Finding Me A Way Back Home
Electric Light Orchestra -- Sweet Talkin' Woman
Alan Parsons Project -- I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
Bob Dylan -- Subterranean Homesick Blues
Honeymoon Suite -- New Girl Now
Billy Joel -- The Entertainer
Pavlov's Dog -- Julia
Z.Z. Top -- Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers
Kim Mitchell -- Go For A Soda
Michael Stanley -- In The Heartland
April Wine -- Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
Ian Gomm -- Hold On
Van Morrison -- Wild Night
Iron Butterfly -- Scorching Beauty
The Fixx -- Stand Or Fall
Icehouse -- Electric Blue
Todd Rundgren -- Love Of The Common Man
Gamma -- I'm Alive
Little Feat -- Fat Man In The Bathtub
Morning Star -- Sad Lady
The Charlie Daniels Band -- The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Cream -- Strange Brew
Touch -- When The Spirit Moves You
Steely Dan -- Time Out Of Mind
Santana -- Dance Sister Dance
The Animals -- We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
J. Geils Band -- Come Back
Supertramp -- Poor Boy
Status Quo -- Down Down
Symphonic Slam -- Modane Train
Elton John -- Harmony
Trapeze -- Black Clouds
Shooting Star -- Breakout
Robin Trower -- Day Of The Eagle
Jethro Tull -- Bourree
Survivor -- Poor Man's Son
Loggins & Messina -- Peace Of Mind
Ted Nugent -- Hey Baby

And my own personal playlist for the week:

The Albion Band – The Vice Of The People
Cat Stevens – Tea For The Tillerman
Waterson : Carthy – Broken Ground
Sharon Shannon – Each Little Thing
George Gershwin – Gershwin Plays Gershwin
Peter Gabriel – Passion
Cozy Powell – The Best Of Cozy Powell
Genesis – Nursery Cryme
Dan Fogelberg – The Innocent Age
The Beatles –  Beatles For Sale
Judy Collins – Judith
John Kirkpatrick – Going Spare
Annie Haslam – Annie In Wonderland
Sparks – Hello Young Lovers
Thunder – Behind Closed Doors
ABBA – Voulez-Vous
Terje Rypdal – Waves
Caro Emerald – The Shocking Miss Emerald
Big Wreck – Grace Street
Mike Batt – Tarot Suite
Rod Stewart – Never A Dull Moment
Procol Harum – Home
Runrig – The Stamping Ground
Happy Rhodes – Warpaint
June Tabor – Aqaba
Roger McGuinn – Cardiff Rose
Talking Heads – Fear Of Music
The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request
Dick Gaughan – Handful Of Earth
Radiohead – Amnesiac
Dan Fogelberg – Windows And Walls
Steve Reich – Drumming
Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn
David Crosby – If I Could Omly Remember My Name

Monday, 10 April 2017

KSHE Klassics, Sunday April 9, 2017

Quotation du jour: George Harrison ~ If you don't know where you're going, any road'll get you there.

I had a reasonably painless listen to the show this morning -- none of the computer problems that often beset me on Sundays, and it was an excellent show, too.

Mountain -- Nantucket Sleighride
Eagles -- Wasted Time
Trooper -- Raise A Little Hell
Jimmy Barnes -- Working Class Man
King Crimson -- 21st Century Schizoid Man
Fleetwood Mac -- World Turning
Derek & The Dominos -- Bell Bottom Blues
Uriah Heep -- Lady In Black
The Who -- Athena
Journey -- Look Into The Future
Electric Light Orchestra -- Poker
Stu Nunnery -- Isle Of Debris
Loggins & Messina -- Back To Georgia
Shooting Star -- Last Chance
Small Faces -- Itchycoo Park
Taxxi -- I'm Leaving
Cat Stevens -- Bitterblue
Firefall -- Mexico
Neil Young -- Cinnamon Girl
Robin Trower -- My Love (Burning Love)
The Outlaws -- There Goes Another Love Song
Little Feat -- Feets Don't Fail Me Now
Dire Straits -- Skateaway
Thin Lizzy -- Cowboy Song
The Nazz -- Open My Eyes
Strawbs -- Heartbreaker
The Edgar Winter Group -- Round And Round
Michael Stanley -- My Town
Mason Proffit -- Two Hangmen
Grateful Dead -- One More Saturday Night
Jimi Hendrix Experience -- The Wind Cries Mary
Jackson Browne -- Here Come Those Tears Again
Marshall Tucker -- Take The Highway
Rod Stewart -- Handbags And Gladrags
Rockpile -- Teacher Teacher
Van Morrison -- Tupelo Honey
The Headboys -- The Shape Of Things To Come
Joe Walsh -- Turn To Stone
Sniff 'N' The Tears -- Driver's Seat

And my own personal playlist for the week:

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band  – Gorilla
Steeleye Span – Dodgy Bastards
Dan Fogelberg – River Of Souls
The Beatles – Rubber Soul
Renaissance – Scheherazade And Other Stories
Man – All's Well That Ends Well
City Boy – Young Men Gone West
Robin Trower –  Day Of The Eagle
Steeleye Span – Gone To Australia
The Kinks – The Road
Propaganda –  A Secret Wish
Ofra Haza – Shaday
Peter Hammill – Skin
Peter Gabriel – Passion
Oysterband – Diamonds On The Water
Various Artists – Songs Of The Century
Little Johnny England – Tournament Of Shadows
Ray Davies – Thanksgiving Day
Donovan – Sunshine Superman
Jackson Browne – The Next Voice You Hear: The Best Of Jackson Browne
Roger McGuinn – Roger McGuinn
En Vogue – Funky Divas
George Harrison – Brainwashed
Yes – The Yes Album
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Open
Pete Townshend – Coolwalkingsmoothtalkingstraightsmokingfirestoking
T. Rex – Electric Warrior
Jon Anderson – The Promise Ring
Richard Thompson – Sweet Talker
Peter Hammill – Nadir's Big Chance

Sunday, 2 April 2017

KSHE Klassics Show, April 2nd, 2016

Quotation du jour ~ Jimi Hendrix: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Aargh, he expostulated.

No, not over the content of the program (although, a lot today could hardly be called "klassics") but over the computer problems that seem to beset me every friggin' Sunday -- but rarely on any other day. (Last Sunday was a rare exception.)

My old friend netio.sys crashed the computer twice before the show began and once during. Googling the problem suggests that this could well be a driver issue, but i ran a driver updater several weeks ago and it didn't seem to help. I uninstalled that updater this morning and downloaded a different one. I haven't run it yet but we'll see if it does any good.

New England -- Don't Ever Want To Lose Ya
Steely Dan -- Don't Take Me Alive
Trapeze -- Midnight Flyer
Todd Rundgren -- I Saw The Light
Runner -- Run For Your Life
The Moody Blues -- Tuesday Afternoon
Stillwater -- Mind Bender
Dave Mason -- Headkeeper
Grinderswitch -- Higher Ground
Stingray -- The Man In My Shoes
Nils Lofgren -- No Mercy
Prism -- Hello
Genesis -- Dance On A Volcano
The Who -- Another Tricky Day
Leon Russell -- Tightrope
Robin Trower -- Victims Of The Fury
Chilliwack -- Something Better
Budgie -- I Ain't No Mountain
New Riders Of The Purple Sage -- Panama Red
The Babys -- Looking For Love
Slade -- Get Down Get With It
Moon Martin -- Rolene
REO Speedwagon -- Son Of A Poor Man
Starz -- She's Just A Fallen Angel
Chicago -- Beginnings
Foghat -- Drivin' Wheel
Kansas -- Two Cents Worth
Ray Gomez -- Make Your Move
America -- Don't Cross The River
Molly Hatchet -- Gator Country
The Michael Schenker Group -- Cry For The Nations
Jefferson Starship -- Girl With The Hungry Eyes
Elton John -- Funeral For A Friend
Michael Stanley -- All I Ever Wanted
Tucky Buzzard -- Gold Medallionsht
The Grateful Dead -- Estimated Prophet
Queen -- Liar
Lynyrd Skynyrd -- I Know A Little
Climax Blues Band -- Couldn't Get It Right

And my own personal playlist for the week:

Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg – No Resemblance Whatsoever
Rockpile – Seconds Of Pleasure
Peter Hammill – And Close As This
Kate Bush – The Sensual World
Marillion –
Afro-Celt Sound System – Anatomic
Rod Stewart – Smiler
Mike Oldfield – Return To Ommadawn
Talking Heads – Remain In Light
Van der Graaf Generator – Maida Vale
Ten Years After – Live At Reading, 1983
Linda Ronstadt – Heart Like A Wheel
The Chieftains – 4
Peter Hammill – Singularity
Melissa Etheridge – Your Little Secret
Sharon Shannon & Friends – Libertango
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra
Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Tom Tom Club – Hits
Bangles – Greatest Hits
Rob Thomas – Cradle Song
Dan Fogelberg – Full Circle
Terje Rypdal – Descendre
Steve Earle – The Revolution Starts Now
Dead Can Dance – Within The Realm Of A Dying Sunday
Roy Wood – Exotic Mixture

Monday, 27 March 2017

KSHE Klassics Show, March 26, 2016

Quotation du jour ~ Sheryl Crow: I'm standing in the middle of the desert, waiting for my ship to come in. (From the song "Leaving Las Vegas.")

Welcome to my weekly tale of computer problems and, incidentally, the playlist on this Sunday's edition of the best radio program i know of, the Sunday Klassics Show on KSHE95.

But, praise be, i had no computer woes. I was able to connect to my VPN with no difficulty at all, my Internet connection remained solid all morning, and i wasn't troubled with any netio.sys failures (and the resultant Blue Screen Of Death). I must live right.

Good Rats -- Back To My Music

Charlie Daniels -- Uneasy Rider
Billy Joel -- Captain Jack
Michael Stanley -- One Good Reason
Traffic -- Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
Chilliwack -- Arms Of Mary
Head East -- City Of Gold / Fly By Night Lady
Jackson Browne -- Rock Me On The Water
Firefall -- Livin' Ain't Livin'
Triumvirat -- Partacus
Franke & The Knockouts -- Running Into The Night
Heartsfield -- Shine On
Couchois -- Roll The Dice
Poco -- Crazy Eyes
Danny Spanos -- Hot Cherie
The Who -- The Kids Are Alright
Mama's Pride -- Can I Call You A Cab
Arlo Guthrie -- Coming In To Los Angeles
Thin Lizzy -- Showdown
Bruce Springsteen -- The Promised Land
Bob Dylan -- Lay Lady Lay
Kansas -- Play The Game Tonight
Paice Ashton Lord -- Remember The Good Times
Rare Bird -- Turn Your Head
Prism -- Spaceship Superstar
Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Sweet Hitch-Hiker
Santana -- All I Ever Wanted
Robin Trower -- I'm Out To Get You
Pete Townshend -- Rough Boys
The Grateful Dead -- U.S. Blues
Rare Bird -- Beautiful Scarlet
Rod Stewart -- Blondes (Have More Fun)
Aldo Nova -- Fantasy
Stillwater -- Women (Beautiful Women)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer -- Still ... You Turn Me On
Jay Ferguson -- Shakedown Cruise
Kantner / Slick / Freiberg -- Across The Board

And my own personal playlist for the week:

Fairport Convention – Rarities 1973-1974
Peter Gabriel – Us
Rory Gallagher – Notes From San Francisco
Chuck Berry – The Great Twenty Eight
Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands
Cream – The Very Best Of Cream
Dead Can Dance – Spleen And Ideal
The Beatles – Yellow Submarine
Genesis – Duke
Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle: The Best Of Robin Trower
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – In The Hot Seat
John Hiatt – Walk On
Howard Skempton – Lento
Jeff Beck & Jed Leiber – Frankie's House
Sheryl Crow – Live From Shepherd's Bush Empire
Lisa Gerrard & Jeff Bona – A Thousand Roads
Steeleye Span – Dodgy Bastards
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior – Summer Solstice
Rory Gallagher – Jinx
Dan Fogelberg – The Wild Places
The Faces – Long Player
Free – Tons Of Sobs
Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Colin James – Blue Highways
Jethro Tull – Stormwatch
Genesis – Foxtrot
Procol Harum – Procol Harum